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Zer0's Top 15 for '15


Yeahyeahyeah I know "2014 sucked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard, 2015 can only be better"

While I agree that the industry with its sheananigans and some internet trolls have been roughing things up a bit, 2014 wasn't a bad year when it comes to games. I mean....Nuclear Throne was released and OKOKOK I'll shut up about that game. 2014 wasn't a year that was very top heavy, but it was excellently when it comes to broadth and depth. We had a lot great games in nearly all genres.

With that said, 2015 is already in full swing and boy-oh-boy are we in for a treat of a year when it comes to gaming (if every game turns out to live up to the potential....unlike 2014).

So without further ado, here are my personally most anticipated games that are set to come out this year.


15. The Banner Saga 2 (PC)


There is not much to be said about Banner Saga that hasn't been said before: it's a gorgeous game with a stellar soundtrack, that blends norse mythology with enough lore of its own into one of the most engaging games of last year. 

We are now getting more of that and that makes me an extremely happy Zer0, as I'd love to dive into this world again.


14. Bloodborne (PS4)


As a big fan of the Souls games and even Armored Core to some extent, I'm always curious for something new from From Software. 

Bloodborne looks like everything, a Souls Fan could wish for in addition to a new setting and what seems to be a more movement based combat system. So not only can you break your oppenent's counter stane this time, you can also give him a reassuring shotgun-blast to the face afterwards...that alone should get you excited (if the Victorian England didn't already)


13. Cuphead (PC, XBone)


I love technological advance. All the new stuff it enriches our minds with is mind-blowing. I mean: I'm 28 and if you told my elementary school (or hell: even my early high-school) me, what we would have in 2014, it would have blown my mind. Why am I writing all this?

BECAUSE TECHNOLOGY MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR CUPHEAD TO EXIST, a game, that looks like a 1920s cartoon and features the adventures of Cuphead and Mugboy, who embark on a journey to pay back a bedt to the devil.


12. Love you to Bits (PC, iOS, Android)


This one took me by surprise, but whenever I think about games I want to play this year, this one pops up. Is it because of the wonderful art-style? The captivating music? The fact, that it's made by the core team behind Tiny Thief? All of it?

Nevertheless, this game just makes me too curious to pass up. Also, you play a human explorer who has to find the pieces of his robot girlfriend who got destroyed to piece her back together again....how kawaii is that?


11. Hyper Light Drifter (PC, XBone, PS4, PS Vita, WiiU, Ouya)


Man, nowadays we get bombarded with "retro" action games but Hyper Light Drifter has been catching my attention for some years now with a certain blend of "retro" that just strikes all the right chords in my Nostalgia.


10. No Man's Sky (PS4, PC)


This is a huge gamble. If this game reaches its potential, this could be one of the big singleplayer-multiplayer-crossover experiences for years to come....or it could crash and burn (pun intended), which makes me kinda want to delete ot from this list....but damn, we get so few space games (luckily a few are coming or out now). PLEASE BE GOOD!!!!!


9. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS)



Yeah....basically this.


8. Ori and the blind Forest (XBone, PC)


I initially didn't have this game on tab at all. Then, E3 2014 rolled around and if I'm completely honest: this is the game that (almost) impressed me the most. The art style alone has so much charm, it's impossible to not be at least curious what the big black guy and the small white lad are up to. Getting a serious "Dust - An Elysian Tail"-vibe from this and I'm totally fine with that.


7. The entire Nintendo Line Up 


Throw me under the bus for cheating, but after the (great) year Nintendo has had in 2014, they seemingly decided to kill it this year. I couldn't pick one single game out of the following: Codename Steam, Devil's Third, new Fire Emblem, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Yoshi's Wooly World, a new STARFOX (for Fox's sake, FINALLY), new Zelda, Mario Maker.

WTF Nintendo? Other companies plan to release that many killer apps over the course of five years....I love you. Gotta get a WiiU this year.


6. Batman Arham Knight (PS4, XBone, PC)


I. Love. The Arkham Games. I could even find some entertainment in Arkham Origins, though that really wasn't even in the same area code as the stellar first two entries. And guess what: Rocksteady is making this one again so OMGOMGOMGOMG, can't wait to ballet-stomp more evil faces.


5. Persona 5 (PS3, PS4)


When I first booted up Persona 4 Golden, my reaction was "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech". Too much pastelly-highschool bullshit.

Then I played it and it is one of the best RPGs I ever played and I might even put it into my favorite games of all times. The pacing was perfect, the characters endearing and believable and it was a game, that didn't want to go the "American Pie"-route, but respect its audience in showing us.

....oh yeah, the sequel is coming. 


4. Tokyo Twillight Ghost Hunters (PS3, PS Vita)


A visual novel-type game about Ghost Hunters in Tokyo (duh), that actually features a lot of ghostbustin' gameplay and RPG-elements, it would seem.

And if that doesn't sell you yet: it's a collaboration of Arc System Works, the guys behind Guilty Gear and BlazBlue) and Toybox Inc. of Deadly Premonition fame.

Still not enough to convince you? How does "a Soundtrack by Nubuo Uematsu" sound?


3. Yakuza 5 (PS3)



After nearly 3 years (!!!) Sega decides to bring this over. I imported it some time ago and played it, yet my Japanese is not yet good enough for a complex game like this and I ran into some kind of wall where I didn't know what to do.

As someone, who thinks Yakuza 4 should heavily be considerated as the best game of the last console generation, this news makes me very, VERY happy.



2. Hotline Miami 2 (PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita)


Well, this actually was my most anticipated game of 2014. After finishing its predecessor on PC, PS3 and PS Vita, I was very eager to play more. The game got delayed and so it had to measure up against the game in first place, but that is no knock on HM2. 


1. Metal Gear Solid 5 - The Phantom Pain (PC, PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBone) 


...how could it be anything else? After Ground Zeroes and the breathtaking E3 Trailer. After all that trickled down the news channels over the course of last year, I feel rather comfortable to say, that I have very little doubt about what MGS5 is going to be for me: a serious GOTY contender. 

I love the Metal Gear series as a whole and oh boy: This looks like the msot advanced game in series history. Hype doesn't even begin to describe my feelings.



So, those are my Top 15 most anticipated games for this year. Tend to disagree (because OF COURSE YOU DO)? Leave your comments and let's have ourselves a nice argument, before we all bow before the glory of MGS V ;)

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