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Zombie Movies For You To Chew On Pt. 2


Well it’s been a while; and I for one think it’s about time for me to recommend five more zombie movies for you guys.

First up is the British film Cockneys vs Zombies.  Directed by Matthias Hoene and released in 2012, Cockneys vs Zombies is about a zombie outbreak in the East of London and primarily follows brothers Terry and Andy MacGuire, their cousin Katy and their grandfather Ray (as well as all of the other residents at Ray’s retirement home). The acting and gore are pretty well done and the soundtrack is fairly amusing.  

Next is the 2006 Canadian film Fido, directed by Andrew Currie. In a c. 1950s alternate universe space radiation turns the recently deceased into zombies. This causes the people of earth to unite together to combat a zombie apocalypse called “The Zombie Wars”. While humanity survives, residual radiation continues to turn the dead into zombies. In order to live a somewhat regular pre-zombie life, people live in small fenced in communities kept safe by the heroes of The Zombie Wars, Zomcom. Zomcom has also discovered a way to “domesticate” zombies with a special collar to supress their hunger. The actual film concerns the young boy Timmy and his family’s new zombie, the titular Fido. Needless to say hijinks ensue and that the final act is both awesome and hilarious with some fun gore.

The next film I want to suggest to you guys is New Zealand’s Black Sheep, directed by Jonathan King and released in 2006. It’s a film about mutant zombie sheep that feed on human flesh; also people that are bitten also turn zombie sheep. Inspired by the classic Braindead (Dead Alive if you don’t use the metric system), there is plenty of humour and gore, with a touch of bestiality. Sure there’s some environmental message but honestly who gives a fuck about that when you can watch a herd of sheep graze on a crowd of people, or watch a hippie get attacked by a mutant-zombie sheep fetus.

Now if you want something a bit more serious you should give the 2008 film Pontypool a watch. Adapted from the Tony Burgess novel “Pontypool Changes Everything” (by Burgess himself), Pontypool follows the employees of Pontypool, Ontario’s local radio station during a zombie outbreak. All of the acting is great with not a single weak perforce, the only downside to some people is the fact that there is very little in the way of gore or zombies on screen. However I absolutely loved how the zombies spread and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. Please just watch this one and find out for your selves.

Lastly, I want to recommend 2009’s Dead Air, directed by Corbin Bernsen. Dead Air has a similar set up to Pontypool with the employees of the local radio station reporting on the recent zombie outbreak. This time, the zombies are caused by a terrorist attack that unleashes a virus that turns those infected insanely violent (and somewhat resilient). The film also follows the terrorists responsible as they try to make their way to the radio station that our main hero Logan Burnhardt (played by Bill “Chop Top” Moesley) is currently announcing from. Dead Air makes numerous references to society’s post-911 Islamaphobia as well as paranoia in general, and while I still enjoy Pontypool more than this, it’s still a really good watch with a lot of the gore that was missing from Pontypool.

Well there you go five more Zombie movies for you to chew. Hopefully you give them a shot and have some fun.  If you know of any somewhat unknown zombie movies (or fuck it just horror movies in general) please don’t hesitate to tell me.

Thanks for reading - Zyk

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