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Music Blog: Songs for Gamers Volume III - Update 1 of ?


I know, I probably don't need to put "Music Blog" in my title, since all I ever write about is music. When I'm done writing about my own music, I'm going to write about video game music, since it's my blood :p I wanted to share the songs I've written so far this year for Songs for Gamers Volume III.

I've written 9 songs so far since January 1st, 2015. Most of them are "confirmed" in the sense that they have been heard by, and approved by, the person I wrote them for. I'd like to share all of the tracks I wrote so far, including the unconfirmed ones, since if the person ends up not liking them, they would be a bonus track on the album regardless :)

There are 10 songs for the album total so far. I'm including the Jon Bloodspray song, since technically it was supposed to be on Volume III. It's the first song I wrote for the album back in 2013 I believe, when I tried to revive the project, even though I wasn't in a good state of mind.

With all that said, here are 10 songs I wrote for people that frequent this website:

[unconfirmed] A Knight and His Synth (GajKnight) - Sega Genesis songs were used as inspiration, and I wanted to try to write something similar to the sounds that could come from one. I recall reading that Genesis used FM Synthesis, so I used FM 8 (a Native Instruments virtual instrument dedicated to this type of sound) to create this track.

Caligulovely (Brittany Vincent aka Molotov Cupcake) - Some great music was sent my way, including 3s and 7s from Queens of the Stone Age, which is a great song. I can't do that kind of music, so this is more or less what I could come up with.

LSD Cat (Brightside) - This was quite a challenging song. I wanted to write something using 8-bit instruments, but I wanted it to be absolutely crazy. To me, "crazy" is key and tempo changes. It also has a crazier melody than I'm used to composing.

Pessimistic Optimism (arkane9) - Classic heroic RPG VGM! This is the good stuff right here. I was so happy to get to write something like this again :p

Radiant Umbrae (ShadeOfLight) - Darksiders 2 music was the inspiration for this piece. I wanted to write something dark, but somehow rays of light managed to sneak in ;) Maybe I can't write pure dark music! But it sounds great. I had to make an EQ change to the song, and the album version will sound different. I feel like one of the instruments in the second part is too loud in the high end, so I lowered it.

Rainbow Love (Usedtabe) - Another challenging piece I consider to be outside of my normal composition techniques. Aphex Twin was the inspiration used, and the track had a lot of warps and effects, so I tried to capture that with this track.

Surviving the Fuck Fight (PhilKenSebben) - Music from Spose was my inspiration for this piece, which would probably sound awesome with someone rapping over it. I tried to fill in a melody, but I still think it would sound amazing if someone would rap over it :p Can't be me! I only speak music!

[unconfirmed] Think of the Kids (Chris Carter) - Chris was one of the original requests for Volume III. Back then he was known as Magnalon. He sent me 2 songs to use as inspiration, but one of them was taken down (I think copyright infringement :P), so I focused on the second song in order to write this piece.

Toilet Duck (TheToiletDuck) - I believe a song from the Platoon NES game was used to inspire this piece. I like writing this kind of music as well. I like writing music in general, but pieces like this are fun!

And in case you haven't heard it:

You Know What Old Jon Bloodspray Says (Jon Bloodspray) - It even has the artwork I was going to use for the album! And apparently it was written in 2013. I put it on the Songs for Gamers Remastered album, and Nonsensicals IV, but it will also be on Volume III of Songs for Gamers, where it belongs!

As far as openings for track requests, I "might" have some, but I need to go through what I have so far in order to confirm. I will post another update, letting you know if I can handle more requests or not. Thanks for listening.

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