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Eleven indie games that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE in 2015


There are so many games coming out all the time, you guys. Like, every day. It seems like the only moment the releases stop for a bit is during the holidays; but then there are insane sales and stuff, so there's always a flood of potentially cool videogames you should potentially be playing. Even if you know your shit and you try to keep up to date through videogame websites and other networks, a lot of great things inevitably go under your radar. Hell, even if you find a game you like you might have forgotten about it by the time it gets released. For his reason, I have made a list of ten indie games that I think look pretty cool and are supposed to be released in 2015. I made it mostly for myself, but I thought I’d share it to give these gems my little spotlight.

The thing with upcoming titles is sometimes there is very little information about them until weeks before release. Some indie games do that to avoid being forgotten like I was mentioning just now, or they just don’t have time to spend on marketing and stuff while the game is under production. That is why many of the games on this list have little more than a trailer, some ideas and or cool gifs to go by. If they are on this list it’s because those were enough to get me excited. That said, I will embed long ass gameplay videos whenever possible because that’s the kind of pre-release material I trust and enjoy watching the most. I don't expect you to spend an entire afternoon on this article, just watch for a bit, skip around, get a feel for them. Ok, let’s get on with it already.


When you were a kid, you had some kind of Tron-looking toy car. If you didn’t, imagine you did. This videogame is probably as close to what playing with that piece of cheap plastic felt like inside your pristine brains. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t your grandmother’s arcade racer; the neon skyscraper city council concluded it was wise to set up traps along all roads. Lasers and saws roam around the tracks (and through you if you let them), giant monoliths fall on your face, and gravity-insulting geometry shapes the levels and your mind, and that’s all before you realize the car can pull out wings.

Pretty rad if you ask me ~~thank you for asking me. It’s on early access. Nitronic Rush, the student project that served as the baseline for this game, is less fancy, but free and equally awe(oww!)-inspiring. It has a short campaign, but the advanced and community-created levels are where it’s at.


One thing I like a lot is being able to look at a game and say, “hey, it’s that game”. This is one of those games. It’s an aztec civilization inspired black and white and gray two dee beat em up. The combat looks sharp and funky and I have no doubt I’ll pour at least five hundred milliliters of sweat over my controllers playing this game. Sorry, that was gross. Anyway, look at that dash, that slash, that bash.


Sometimes, after a really stressful day, I just wish I was floating through space, alone, in a tiny pod, hijacking spaceships, stealthily extracting intel from them, blowing them up, hiding in nebulas, getting blown up... Then I wake up in my underwear, sweat flowing over me, Tom Francis’s blog open on my computer monitor. Uhm. Just look at it okay. Looks good.


Do you have friends? I wish I did, and Videoball is the reason why. “minimalist electronic sport” is designer tim roger’s choice of words. Enough said, really.


At some point in my life I saw a group of people in a square with skates on their hands and under their feet, and I thought to myself “wow, these guys are really cool”. For my fourteenth birthday, I got a skateboard. Skipping the drama. Here’s a game that plays how skateboards should feel.




Nope, still can’t wrap my mind around it.


I think I'll stop with the elevator pitches now, just check these out ok? ok.







Do you have any suggestions? Did I miss many games? Do you think you have better taste than me? You jerk.

- imho

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