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Xbox One: My Out-of-the-box experience


So, its minute zero of owning an Xbone. My brother, who has Down's Syndrome, has a copy of WWE 2K15 that he's just been dying to play. So, I spend about an hour getting the device hooked up, getting the wireless set up, downloading the Day 1 patch, having the connection randomly drop about halfway through and have to redownload the patch, having that installing, fumble through the shittiest UI I've ever seen to try and find the privacy settings so he doesn't end up buying something dumb or have afore mentioned mouthy 12 yr olds call him a a slur of some sort, and putting in the game. Then, I spend another hour or so  downloading that thing's 4.3gig patch, then spending the additional time for the game itself to have the 22.5gig install (Yay for modern gaming! So streamlined and simple). So he plays it for about an hour, then he stops so we can fix dinner.

So about 2hrs has elapsed since he played last. Now Xbox Live is down. He can't log in to his gamer profile and 2k15 doesn't allow you launch the game without being logged in to that. I tell him to put in Wolfeinstein.. can't install or play that without being logged in. So now he has a brand new, glossy, $350 BRICK sitting in his room. I go to enter the error code, as I am not well versed in Xbox shenanigans. Well wouldn't ya know that even the Xbox Error status page is down to! HURRAH!

Now I'm here trying to explain to a completely crushed mentally handicapped person and my not-tech-savvy mother that he can't play his brand new game cause Microsoft has this retarded always online shit, or at least this particular game does. And yes, I realize this is an isolated incident (Is it? I honestly don't know how reliable/unreliable Xbox Live is. Not a good first impression), but any other console would at least allow you to play offline.

I have 5 Sony devices sitting within a yard of me as well as a Wii-U, even with PSN down, which it currently is, I can still play everything, or at least everything I've attempted to. Meanwhile, my brother is playing on his PS2, cause his shiny new console and shiny new game don't even function.

Thanks Microsoft, Merry Christmas.

Oh, just to know if I should be pissed at Take-Two interactive as well, can anyone verify if 2K15 can be played offline on any of the other consoles or is it always online only across the board? I can't seem to find anything that states it clearly one way or the other.

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