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Here's just the tip of what's coming your way, HUGE members


As of last month, I have officially taken over the task of making your HUGE memberships something worth dropping $3/month on again. That started with a fun new "Bonus Levels" monthly newsletter (new issue out tomorrow!), but that was just the beginning.

Here's the short list of what we're currently working on for early 2015:

Loot Crate partnership

Do you like loot? I like loot. That's why Dtoid has partnered with our friends at Loot Crate to give away three crates every month to random HUGE members! Think of this like the auto-entry you currently have into every contest, only the contests aren't even open to the rest of the world. Also, should you decide to subscribe, you'll be able to save 10% on all purchases by using the coupon code "Robot" at checkout! (That perk will be available to all.) We'll have more on this when we do our first Loot Crate unboxing on the front page soon :)

User reviews

This one's been a long time coming. In conjunction with a site redesign scheduled for early 2015, official Dtoid reviews will soon have a "User Reviews" sidebar right alongside the official score, which will link directly to any community reviews of the game in our Cblogs! While this feature is planned to be open to all at some point, HUGE members will get in during the beta phase, so you'll have direct input on how the feature is implemented. Sweet!

More customization

Not gonna lie: my very favorite HUGE perk is the ability to customize the site background with whatever I want. For a while, this pic of Young Holmes graced my every move on the site, but recently my narcissism got the better of me and I replaced it with an absolutely gorgeous selfie of yours truly. Good god I'm beautiful.

On that note, Niero and the engineers have been hard at work on a half-dozen other customization options, ranging from replacing the Dtoid logo with a picture of your own face (or ass. Or elbow) to blowing up the front page with strobe lights. (Why? Because we can.) We'll update you all with the full list once it's done, but know now that it will be silly and dumb and you will fucking love it.

Patron page

This one's pretty simple: a page featuring every single person who supports the site via HUGE subscription. All of your beautiful faces in one beautiful place!

Cblog stats

Ever wonder how many people are reading your blogs? Well wonder no more! Soon, HUGE members will have access to the same stats that us front page writers have, so you'll know exactly what kind of audience your words are reaching. It's simple stuff, but a welcome addition!

HUGE member of the month

Starting in January, I will be profiling one HUGE member every month in a front page post. We'll talk about your deepest fears and darkest desires, and basically anything else you want to share with the world. You'll be famous! (This will be opt-in, obviously.)


Every time we pick a winner for a contest, we take all the entries from the front page (or wherever), add in all the HUGE members, and let Random.org decide who takes home the prize(s). Well recently, HUGE member king kong five took home a fucking PlayStation 4 and he didn't even enter the contest himself! Talk about a return on investment.

Typically, once the holiday season is over, the number of contests we're presented with slows down, but you can rest assured knowing that more beta code giveaways are coming your way (new ones launch tomorrow) and that you're still being entered in every contest that appears on the site.


There are a few more things being brain-stormed, but that's all the stuff that's ready to talk about at this point. As always, please share any suggestions or concerns you have regarding HUGE in the comments below!

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