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A Memoir for my Hall of Fame Team



This is old news, but I recently beat Omega Ruby two weeks ago. The game itself was pretty amazing and met almost all of my expectations, but that's a blog for another time. What I'm writing today is a fictitious memoir; or a show of thanks for the six Pokemon that stuck with me from the very beginning. I will always cherish this diverse and dynamic group. Raising them with love and care was worthwhile, and seeing them being honored in the Hall of Fame and credits made me feel proud.

I want to mention this too before I continue: these Pokemon are not meant for competitive play, so please be kind and keep any snide comments to yourself.

Anyway, these guys helped me surpass Norman, defeat Team Magma, save the world, subdue multiple legendaries, help Wally grow stronger, beat all of the gym leaders, and came out victorious against the Ever Grande Pokemon League. Some may say this stuff is silly and unnecessary, but I like having my own personal story with my companions. Buckle up ladies and gentlemen, because it's...

These six pokemon will be listed in reverse order. I love them all equally, but I'm going to list them from impactful to most impactful. Without further adieu, here's my Hall of Fame team!


 * * *

6. Robin
(Lv. 5-65, met at Route 104)

Robin, you really took me for a surprise for a Normal/Flying type bird Pokemon. You proved to me that you were much more than just a Fly slave by showing your mettle in battle. It blew my mind that you knew Brave Bird at a mere level 5! I knew right then and there that you were special, and that the sky was no limit for us. Remember how you single handedly trashed Brawly when you Brave Birded the shit out of Makuhita? Bulk Up wasn't enough to stop your determination! Or how about that time when Flannery(!)'s Torkoal burned you? Your Guts shot your attack stat through the roof and eviscerated him with Wing Attack! Thanks for taking my team all over the place before I got the Eon Flute; it allowed you to show your love for us by replacing Fly with Return! Your true shining moment came when you outlasted Glacia when you used Brave Bird for the final hit against her Glalie. "Not very effective" my ass, you're the reason we faced off against Drake! You and Etna are such good teammates on the field too! Y'all's unrelenting assult from the ground and the air steamrolled any competition that came y'all's way! The gameplan was always simple: Etna would shake the ground with Earthquake and then you'd finish the job without taking any damage. It was truly a sight to see.

Thank you, Robin. You proved that big things do come in small packages.

Memory Girl reading: Robin encountered Cobalion when it was with Christian. The Pokemon fondly remembers that its feelings were indescribable.

Robin's stats:
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Guts
HP: 180
Attack: 139
Defense: 105
Sp. Atk: 90
Sp. Def: 90
Speed: 187


5. Emeralda ♀
(Lv. 3-65, met at Route 102)

Emeralda, I remember running into you by accident when I first began my journey; but I quickly realized that it wasn't. You were quite frail, but your raw special power was more than enough to help you hold your own as my premier "mage". I remember training you at Route 104 when you were just a Ralts and you were struggling against Winston's annoying ass Zigzagoon. You've come a long way since those humble times. I never saw the need to Mega Evolve you because I thought you were powerful enough on your own. Remy was your best teammate. Your calm collevtiveness combined with her tenacity got me out of more trouble with Team Magma than I could count. You were always such a sweetheart too. You pulled through in the most crucial moments, like the battle against Winona's Skarmory. You were at a severe disadvantage but you never gave up, always holding on to that last sliver of hit points because you wanted to show how tough you were to me. Finishing her prized Skarmory off with Draining Kiss proved that you were tough as nails underneath your elegant exterior.

There is one thing that I will never forget: your battle against Wally's Gallade. I remember you wanting to face off against your counterpart to prove that you were just as powerful as he was without a Mega Evolution; and you did. You showed your prowess in that sunlit field of spider lilies.

Thank you, Emeralda. It's because of you that I firmly believe that beauty is tougher than a steel wall.

P.S. Don't search your species' name on Google. Your retinas will be scarred for life. Also, don't listen to anything Jawsh, Dreamweaver, or Gaj says! You'll be coerced to do...things.

Memory Girl reading: Emeralda battled at Christian's side and beat Linoone. The Pokemon fondly remembers that it got overwhelmed by emotion.

Emeralda's stats:
Nature: Rash
Ability: Synchronize
HP: 192
Attack: 109
Defense: 104
Sp. Atk: 217
Sp. Def: 154
Speed: 130


4. Remy ♀
(Lv. 5-66, met at Route 101)

Remy, you truly are something special. You're the first hidden Pokemon I ever caught when May was right there next to me! Who would've thought that you knew Thunder Fang, a move that your species can't even learn, right away at level 5! You were always so eager for battle; ready to tear any apponent apart with your vicious fangs. You always gave Team Magma a run for their money, proving that you truly were the mightiest of all Mightyenas (and there were a lot of them). And whenever you teamed up with Emeralda, good lord was that a terrifying combination! You always defended her from deadly attacks and still had enough strength left to Crunch your opponents to oblivion. It's funny how you two are the only females on the team and the best of friends! Y'all are definitely BFF's.

I'll never forget when you outshone Sidney's own Mightyena and single handedly destroyed Phoebe's Pokemon in the Pokemon League. Remember when you had a tough time against Brawly's Makuhita and Robin had to save you? Don't let that experience ever get you down; your Thunder Fang did enough damage to let Robin finish it off with Brave Bird without taking too much recoil damage! You may look intimidating to others, but I know how to sneak past that facade by scratching your ears just how you like it. I'm glad I can always rely on your strength.

Thanks, Remy. You'll always be my favorite fuzzball!

Memory Girl reading: Remy planted Chople Berries with Christian and imagined a big harvest. The Pokemon fondly remembers that it was glad.

Remy's stats:
Nature: Mild
Ability: Intimidate
HP: 180
Attack: 159
Defense: 101
Sp. Atk: 107
Sp. Def: 111
Speed: 133


3. Hae Ryong ♂
(Lv. 10-65, fished at Slateport City)

Do you know why I named you Hae Ryong? Because it means "sea dragon"! The language comes from an ancient legend where dragons were worshipped as gods in several different aspects. Your best friend was named similarly for that reason too. I believe the tale was from...Breath of Fire: Book IV! I don't care what the Pokedex says about your species' typing; you'll always be a true dragon in my eyes.

Fishing you out with an Old Rod near Slateport's loading dock and raising you with love and care was worth it. Raising you wasn't easy when you were a Magikarp, but you knew you were much more capable than what the Pokedex description said about you. What jerk wrote that stuff anyway?! But you never cared about what others thought about your species. You only cared about growing stronger with me and fought to protect our team from all harm. I never stopped believing in you and your potential, and I'm glad you repayed me in dividends when you finally evolved into the mighty king of the seas, Gyarados
. That was when you took off and soared to heights you never thought were imaginable. I'll never forget the time when you and Cho Ryong both wrecked Liza & Tate's shit in one turn. That battle lasted less than a minute! Remember when we surfed all over the world and explored the ocean floor together? Wasn't that amazing?! That one Corsola that stopped to look at you was pretty funny. Your raw physical power was absolutely amazing to watch in battle. Whether it was using Dragon Rage or Waterfall, you washed away your opponents and made them swim in their own tears of defeat!

But the one memory that stuck out to me the most was your brutal match against Drake and his Salamence. Your ultimate rival was right there brimming with Draconic power, but you never gave an inch. Even when he would relentlessly torture you with Thunder Fang for 4x the damage, you refused to be knocked out. You refused to be paralyzed. You wanted to see my, no-our goal to come to fruition, and you would let nothing stand in our way from that happening. With almost no health left, you concentrated with all of your willpower and finished him off with Dragon Rage to help realize our dream. Words cannot express my undying gratitude for your heart and preserverence.

Thank you, Hae Ryong. You are a true sea dragon

Memory Girl reading: Hae Ryong soared through the sky with Christian and went to many different places. The Pokemon fondly remembers that it felt comfortable.

Hae Ryong's stats:
Nature: Hasty
Ability: Intimidate
HP: 218
Attack: 196
Defense: 107
Sp. Atk: 113
Sp. Def: 157
Speed: 159


2. Etna ♂
(Lv. 16-67, met at Route 112)

Etna, ho boy you really are something else. You were always so eager to grow strong, and the funny thing is that you did. You're right behind Cho Ryong as the second highest level Pokemon, even surpassing Hae Ryong in the process! Your battle prowess was frightening to see, especially when you used Earthquake and Erpution. You knew you were the slowest of the group, but you never stopped yourself from growing stronger faster at such a phenomenal rate. You loved exploring new places too. Remember Sea Mauville and how fascinating it was? Spiritomb scared the crap out of you at first but you helped me bust that ghost! You and Robin were an amazing dynamic duo, striking fear into the hearts of opponents from land and air. Remember when you faced off against Maxie's own Camerupt and won? He was no match for you and Earth Power at all! Remember when you Mega Evolved for the first time? That surge of power flowing through you...our minds synched and hearts beating as one... It was truly a sight to behold. You and Cho Ryong were the only ones I gave Mega Stones to for a reason. I'm glad I trusted you with that honor.

But if there's one thing that I will never forget, it was your final stand against Steven's Mega Evolved Metagross. Etna... it was because of you and your never ending quest for strength that I finally became a Pokemon champion. Even though you were Mega Evolved too, Mega Metagross kept hammering you repeatedly with Meteor Mash, and it was taking a huge toll on you. You were the last Pokemon left who could handle the brunt of its fierce onslaught. You used Eruption for the 2x damage, but he was too fast and kept attacking you first, which meant your attack did much less damage than normal. You were down to 8 hit points, I had no potions left, and he had the speed advantage. He attacked with Meteor Mash, but your rock solid fortitude and fiery rage of 1,000 white hot suns refused to give up and you held onto that very last sliver of life. Right then and there, with a mighty roar powerful enough to shake the heavens, you unleashed the last of Eruption's power to finish Steven off for good. We wouldn't be champions without you.

Thank you, Etna. Your relentless pursuit of true might paid off in the end. You truly are The World's Strongest.

Memory Girl reading: Etna soared through the sky with Christian and went to many different places. The Pokemon still remembers that it felt nostalgic.

Etna's stats:
Nature: Serious
Ability: Solid Rock
HP: 201
Attack: 181
Defense: 114
Sp. Atk: 174
Sp. Def: 120
Speed: 77


1. Cho Ryong ♂
(Lv. 5-69, met at Route 101)

Cho Ryong...wow. You were the one who started it all. We have accomplished so much together, from saving Sycamore's ass to the entire plantet's...ass. Your cool demeanor always kept the entire team in check, no matter the situation. There's a reason why I named you Cho Ryong; because you were destined to be the Grass Dragon you always were deep inside. You will always be the leader of this team, Cho. You were the rock of our party, and you consistently proved that Grass type Pokemon were a force to be reckoned with. The quality I like most about you is your ability to rely on others when things get tough for you instead of tackling it on your own; especially with Hae Ryong. You trust your friends. But most of all, you trust me. Thanks for deciding to stay in the box for awhile when I had to train the rest of our crew to get to your level. Etna couldn't wait to show off his strength to you! Being seperated from you was painful at first, but you were always with me in spirit, so I never allowed it to get me down for long. You would've done the same thing if it were the other way around, because you always thought about the team's condition and believed in them. You trusted your friends. But most of all you trusted me, and that's something I will always cherish.

You've done more for me than I could ever ask for in return. You saved my life when Primal Groudon's wrath was unleashed upon the world (Grass Knot was genius). You showed your fortitude against Maxie's Mega Camerupt and stopped Team Magma in the process. You surpassed Norman's expectations, and he recognized me as a fully fledged trainer as a result. You showed Zinnia's Mega Salamence that your Dual Chop was the best in the business. You stood up to Rayquaza and made it recognize our combined strength to help us save the planet. But more than anything, you helped me grow strong not only as a trainer, but as a person.

And the memories, dear lord the memories of our travels together...I couldn't count them all if I tried. Remember when we saved Latios from Tabitabi and that crazy woman Courtney? That woman was insane!
We got to soar through the skies and travel to new lands because of that (Robin's very thankful by the way)! Remember when we saw that creepy cave painting in Granite Cave for the first time? That was eerie as hell. Or how about that time when we had to do that stupid task for Wattson at New Mauville? It was so boring but you were just happy to tag along with me. Remember when we went Mt. Pyre and how spooky the cemetery was? That Cleanse Tag I put on your forehead really came in handy (Duskulls. Duskulls, everywhere). Remember when you Mega Evolved for the first time? It blew my mind that you actually became a Dragon type in the process! I'm glad I named you for what you truly were all along. Remember all of the battles you had against your rival, May's Blaziken? You were always super excited to battle him; like kids during summer vaction who couldn't wait to show off what they learned to their friends. Ha, remember when you and Hae Ryong teamed up against Liza & Tate and trashed their team in less than a minute? I swear, you two are like brothers. Remember your fight against Steven's Mega Metagross? That was the hardest battle you ever face in your entire life. You tried your absolute best to whittle his hit points down, but Meteor Mash was too much for your defenses. I'm glad you believed in Etna to step in and get the job done. Being able to trust and rely on your teammates is the mark of a true leader.

We've soared through the heavens and survived the pit of hell itself. I'm glad I chose you. That final battle against May's Mega Blaziken where we first met is something I will never forget. His blaze kicks were damaging, but you shrug them off with your calm demeanor and finished him off with your signature attack, Leaf Blade. At first I didn't understand why you did that, but now I understand. You wanted to prove to your rival and myself that type advantage and STAB boosts meant nothing to you; that your bond with me was the true power that got us through our journey together. Cho, I couldn't have done it without you. We've come to understand the world and how it flows together, together.

Cho Ryong, thank you. You're the best companion, and friend, I could ever have.

Memory Girl reading: Cho Ryong encountered Virizion when it was with Christian. The Pokemon fondly remembers that it grinned.

Cho Ryong's stats:
Nature: Calm
Ability: Overgrow
HP: 198
Attack: 133
Defense: 118
Sp. Atk: 167
Sp. Def: 157
Speed: 205


 * * *

That was quite the journey, huh? But hey, let's not stop here! That's right, this is another Unofficial Blogger's Response Call! Do you have any stories you want to share about your amazing journey with your Pokemon? Don't be shy, write one up and share it with the rest of us!

I always liked to imagine stories like this when I played Pokemon as a kid, but it feels even better to finally write one out! I hope you guys enjoyed this fun narrative as much as I enjoyed crafting it.

See you Space Cowboy.



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