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Taro Yoko Working on New Game!


There's not a whole lot here to talk about, but according to Siliconera, Taro Yoko is working on a new game: http://www.siliconera.com/2014/12/09/drakengard-creator-taro-yoko-working-new-game-shh-dont-tell/

Supposedly there's more to the interview, but you'll need to read japanese to understand.

Yoko's on the left. He doesn't like having his picture taken, so he often wears cosplay as a disguise.

If you're living under a rare mineral deposit, or simply don't play JRPGS, Taro Yoko is the creator of the Drakengard series and its spinoff Nier. They're great. You should buy them. Like now.

Yoko's a really smart guy who thinks about his games as emotional journeys. He also makes good jokes about pegging:

Artist's depiction of Taro Yoko's pegging jokes.

Here's a great GDC panel (a rare occasion to see his face too!) with him giving his thought on making games. Some fairly insightful stuff here about game design: Yoko's GDC panel

Yoko's also been doing freelance since a bit after Nier in 2010, with his only game project since then being Drakengard 3. He did this manga, called Thou Shalt Not Die, but it's in japanese, so I can't read it... What could he be up to now? Some new franchise? I hope it isn't a mobile game considering both Suda 51 and Hironobu Sakaguchi, two of my favorite game auteurs, have already shifted away from console gaming to the mobile platform. 

And, plug for Rekka, who's holding an awesome Drakengard 3 anniversary contest right now. I know there's lots of artists and musicians on the site!

Contest Click Here :D

Anyways, I'd like to hear about your opinions on Taro Yoko, Drakengard, Nier, and game autuers in general- something I think this industry really needs more of.


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