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Cynical Bastards, Infinite Backlog and Other things.


Hello and welcome to the first blog post I'm going to make on this site. I go by the name Seraph and I'm the other half of the Cynical Bastards channel alongside my co-host 16-Bit whom you can find here.

16-Bit and I both handle reviews for the channel as well as out new '15 minutes of' videos to help people gauge whether a game is right for them or not. You can check out our most recent one below:

Seeing as 16-Bit introduced himself, I guess I'll do the same. As 16-Bit established, I come from New Zealand, a place that's quite often overlooked and shafted by a lot of the world. I work in retail sales and met 16-Bit and some of the other players you might have seen in some of our videos on an online forum.

Originally, we came up with the idea of Cynical Bastards to record us talking to games we've played growing up, that moved onto obscure and unusual games, and rom hacks. Editing the first lot of videos we made was a very tiring process as both of us had zero experience in editing and we spent a lot of time learning new things in order to piece a video together. To this day, I can never figure out why the most popular video on the channel is Cynical Bastards Play: Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

16-Bit then one day decided to make a video. That video was called A Journalistic Review: Bubsy 3D to parody the modern review. When that video took off he made a few more and then ultimately decided on reviewing a console game. When the review for Bioshock was well received we decided to ditch the parody review and focus on being more serious. However we did keep our rating system in which the rating we would give a game would make no sense. The reason behind this was that by the end of the video, we had explained what we liked and didn't like about the game and it was up to the viewer to make an informed decision about whether they should play the game or not without a number dictating the decision. With that, we started off A Journalistic Review focusing on games we had played or have on our backlog.

16-Bit and I both have PVRs for recording consoles, but I also have the facilities to record handheld games. I have a 3DS and a Vita (almost obsolete thanks to Playstation TV) which have been set up for recording and as a result, my best videos to date have been my reviews on Silent Hill: Book of Memories as well as JAWS: Ultimate Predator. Handheld reviews will be something I will work more on in future.

Ultimately A Journalistic Review became redundant as it no longer held its original purpose, so after I had finished up on A Journalistc Review: Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny 16-Bit suggested that we rebranded the reviews under the name Infinite Backlog and from there that's how we've gotten to where we are today. We're still growing though so any form of feedback would be greatly appreciated as it helps us develop and grow. Below are some of our recent videos. Feel free to check them out and watch this blog for future development!

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