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Pokemon Console Games.. What Happened?


If you were ever as obsessed with Pokemon as much as I was, you probably spent a good amount of hours on Pokemon Stadium on the N64. It was by far the best Pokemon (non handheld) console game ever made.. That being said Pokemon Snap was even pretty awesome! 

But what the hell happened? 

I can't tell you how long I have been hopefully waiting for another epic Pokemon console game to be released, and yet it seems like I'm forever going to be disappointed. I actually ended up buying a Nintendo 64 about 4 years ago, just to play this game after becoming hopeless that nintendo would ever release another one. 

In case you weren't fortunate enought to have ever played Pokemon Stadium let me explain to you what made this game so amazing. First of all, it came with the little transfer pack as you see in the picture above, which allowed you to plug in your gameboy games and play it on the huge TV screen as opposed to a pocket sized screen. That was just a minor awesome feature. Before Pokemon Stadium, the only time we had ever seen what Pokemon looked like in color and in 3D was on the TV series.. and even then... it was more like 2D drawings. This game allowed you to pick your team of pokemon directly from the pokemon you captured while playing the gameboy version and battle them in both story mode and in VS mode that you could battle with your friends. 

The battles on Pokemon stadium was the first time that you actually could see your pokemon fight! Otherwise you would just see your screen shaking, blinking, or little lines around your character and use your imagination to know what the fight move would actually looked like. 


As if these features weren't badass enough, the game also offered really awesome minigames! Which you could either play with a friend or against the COM. My personal favorite was the lickitung minigame, where you were in the middle of a sushi-merry-go-round table and you would have to lick as many sushis of the plates as you could while avoiding the bad sushis. Clefary had her own minigame in which she was the teacher of a classroom, and you would have to memorize the buttons she drew on the board. The one minigame I could never pass was the drowsy metronome one. If I ever won that mini game, it was sheer luck! I would get so frustrated with that stupid minigame! 

Pokemon Battle Revolution is supposedly the newest continuation of this pokemon stadium, but there are many reasons why it shouldn't even be compared! I think I returned this garbage of a pokemon game within an hour of trying it.  First of all, if you don't own the DS games, you are stuck with the same group of pokemon the entire game.. and chance are you're not going to like them! All the Battle Revolution offers is a battle simulator, and a poor one at that... for something that is supposed to be a more advanced console. Even Pokemon snap for the N64 was better than every other Pokemon console game they have made after. In case you never played this, the concept of the game was to capture as many pictures of pokemon as you could find while you were being driven around a map. Even though it may sound silly, it was actually quite addicting. 


With such a HUGE following of pokemon fans, why haven't they actually tried to release a decent comparison game! Back in N64 days, they even made a sequel to the original Pokemon Stadium game! Why did they stop? I would expect that at this point of gaming advancement, we would have a Pokemon MMO for consoles by now! I sold my WiiU recently, because I was one of those people that got it the day it came out, and waited for what feels like years for a decent title to come out. My only regret is not being able to play the new Zelda games, but if they were to come out with a new badass Pokemon MMO / Battle Game I would rebuy the console in a second. 


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