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The Insomniac Newbie


It's 5:30 am. I still haven't slept. Just like tonight, I commonly have episodes of insomnia. Most people complain about it. I use it to my advantage... It's blog time!  


As you may recall from my previous blog, I'm relatively new to Destructoid. After reading a lot of your blogs on here, I felt inspired to hold off the urge to sleep to write my newb story. 


As I'm finishing up my last year of school, a lot of my insomnia is due to the uncertainty and stress that is waiting for me at the end of graduation. I'm currently enrolled in FIU's school of Journalism and Mass Communications, for Advertising. Although I'm constantly battling my brainbots to decide if that is truely what I want as my major. I chose advertising because I've somehow manage to land in the field for the last 3 years working at flyer printing shops, visual merchandising for quiksilver, and doing promotional events for liquor companies and other brands. I've been really fortunate to have landed these jobs and for that I am thankful. 


I have not only entirely supported myself while being in college and living off campus, but also have had so much fun working for the last 2 years. I've been on cruises such as The Rock Boat, and worked for amazing events such as Fantasy Fest in Key West. But with all these jobs, comes a lot of uncertainty. After working for Jagermeister events for almost a year, they decided to shut the promotional program down for the state. So clearly, stabilty is something now necessary for me to seek. 

They say that if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. 


Two things I have always loved to do, since before I can even really remember... 
1. Playing video games
2. Writing the craziness of thoughts inside my head

I'm actually in my 3rd or 4th college writing class right now. My professor has told me since the first paper I've turned in that I am one of the best writers in the class. A whole semester later, I have managed to be one of the only students in the class that have gotten A's on every single paper assignment he has given us. The professor is constantly lecturing the class about how they need to read, and practice writing more. I guess I've never realized how naturally it comes to me because I have always kept journals.

I want to say the earliest ones I can remember was from 4th grade. I'm 25 years old now, and I still keep a journal by my bed. I mostly use it when I think of something awesome that could benefit me later on to remember. Just a couple weeks ago, I had another insomnia filled night stressing about what to pursue as an entry to my career. I jotted down about 5 different things that came to mind. In all honesty I don't know why I never thought about being an editor for a gaming company/website until that night. I just so happened to be waiting for players during a crucible match on destiny, and writing down my future goals, when it struck me.. This could be the most perfect thing ever! 

I jotted it down, I brainstormed a couple more unrelated jobs, I looked at the list, I slept on it. 

My best friend has been trying to convince me to move to San Francisco with her for quite sometime now.. I just recently started considering it as a possibility. I've lived in Florida my whole life maybe a change would force me to figure things out, instead of using my hometown as a comfort zone all the time.

  The following night's insomnia episode, I took the next step. I grabbed my list and decided to look up where each company was located. Only 1 of the companies I had jotted down was NOT located in San Francisco. I am a true believer in signs, and this one was slapping me in the face. Sortly after a friend contacted me on facebook. He acknowledged the fact that I tend to keep people quite interested in everything I write about, and also the fact that I'm pretty heavy into gaming. 

Well I'm sure you can guess what comes next... I ended up registering for this site! 

So far I'm actually really glad that I have! Although I have a tendency to argue some of the game reviews on here, I love reading everyones blogs! I admire how many users on here are such talented writers! So now that I got this all out, I'm looking forward to spending some insomniac nights with you guys and writing you on my thoughts of the industry

Here's to me finally falling asleep at 6am! 

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