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Oscarno Direct, November 2014 (+ some music ♫ )


HEY! I just thought I'd drop in to the ol' Community section Destructoid to let you guys know what the heck is going on in my life and why I've been missing for a solid month and a half, because you guys are cool and I don't want you to feel like I'm abandoning you. So first let's talk about music. lots and lots of music. 

Firstly, BAYONETTA!! I bought the double pack along with Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (wich also has great music) and honestly ever since I booted up the demo of Bayo 2 I can't get Tomorrow is minie out of my head it's absolutely fantastic oh my gosh!! The jazz influence, the piano, the backing vocals, THAT PART WHERE THEY ALL GO IN SYNC ugh it's glorious. 

I'm blasting through the fist game as much as I can because I just want to listen to that song in game i'm so bloody excited. 

Speaking of Platinum games I only just beat Wonderful 101 after getting it in May. What a rad game. The music is fantastic and although it took me half of the game to finally understand how the combat worked, i had a bunch of fun. And dayum that eding sequence is probably one of the best I've ever experienced, hands down.

ALSO SHOVEL KNIGHT RELEASED IN AUSTRALIA THIS MORNING! Now I know it's been on PC forever, but I really wanted to play it on my WiiU and i've listened to the soundtrack extensively but just hearing Virt's music in game is really magical. Strike the earth gets me so pumped it rocks! (Also in entirely unrelated news how cool does Splatoon look! I'm super keen!)

And hey, in my absence from writing about music, i've acutally been writing my own music! I recently released a little EP about a robot in space. I had a blast making it, it's got some 80s synth ballads, it got some ambience, some chiptunes, some synth rock I think maybe?? So that's a thing you can listen to if you want...

Secondly, let's talk about writing. I know I haven't written a case study or anything or even been around in a while, and i apologise profusely for that. I really enjoy reading everything that comes through the community section of destructoid, and having conversations with you guys but i don't really know what happened... I was in the middle of writing a case study on Hotline Miami, and then i just stopped and now it's a month and a half later... oh wait, nope I figured it out it was Smash Bros. Smash Bros consumed my life. oops. Regardless, I'm here to double apologise.

Firstly for just leaving without reason and secondly because I don't think I'm going to be able continue writing case studies or other long form blogs here :( Don't get me wrong I frickin loved conversing with you guys about video game music, but I'm running low on time and games so I think at least a little time off sounds good for me to conquer the backlog and perhaps work on some more of my own music because I really enjoy that too. We'll see how we go next year, as I'm starting University again, and I'm not sure if I can fit ost case studies into the schedule, but hey you never know. 

I'm going to try and hang around in the coments and stuff because I really want to get back to chatting with you guys it's great so perhaps you'll see me in the comments (especially if you make a music related entry. I'll be there. You know I'll be there.)

But also some exciting news! I might be doing some news / editorial writing for Press Start, an Australian gaming site. So far I've only made one post but i'm pretty excited we'll see what comes of it!.  And that was all because of you guys! Because you are all so supportive and welcoming i've been able to do stuff with my writing here which is so rad. OH Did I tell you that I used a couple of articles form here in an audition I had for University? Frickin none of this would have been possible without your majestic butts guiding me thorugh. So I thank you for that, and I hope I can return the favour one day!. 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that the community section of Dtoid is super important to me and all of you guys are super cool and hopefully I'll have a little more presence here in the coming months. I'll be sure to check back every day! You guys rock my socks. Have a fantastic day!

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