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Pickup Lines: The Party Game


Here's something I thought of today.  It requires either a 10-sided die or change the odds to suit a pair of six-sided dice.  The odds and scoring are variable and so is everything else.  I may update this if I want to change anything.

Pickup Lines: The Game

The game is based on each player pitching a pickup line to another.  Preferrably, there's at least four people involved, one being the gamemaster, or Bartender.

Starting out

The game starts with the Bartender creating a scenario, a scenario involving people.  At least as many as the players in the game.  Hopefully, it's not just a bar, but something more interesting.  Nothing specific is determined about the characters yet.  The players then each create their own character, going clockwise from the Bartender.  If clockwise doesn't make sense for some reason, it doesn't matter anyway, I just picked a direction.  The character can be whatever you want, including yourself, but you'll want to fit your character into the scenario, including how the character got there and why.

Pickup Lines

In the order you created characters, each player decides to pitch a pickup line to any other player's character (not the Bartender, who is not strictly a player).  Once the choice is made, but before the line is delivered, the Bartender offers two separate and distinct concepts to possibly incorporate into the pickup line.  These are preferably very general, like "the circus" or "sea life".  This allows for some flexibility.  Using the concepts is optional, but each concept used increases the chances of a successful roll on that pitch.

Rolls and Concepts

The standard roll on a pitch is 3/10.  On a successful roll, the pitcher scores a point and the recipient gets a strike.  To increase the roll odds, the pitcher can incorporate one or both of the concepts proposed by the Bartender.  Incorporating one concept increases the roll odds to 5/10.  Using both increases it to 7/10.  

New Concept Challenge

If the recipient want to trade-in one of the concepts, they can ask for a new concept from the recipient.  This one will likely be harder, since the recipient has an incentive to make it harder.  This new concept replaces one the original two, recipient's choice.  But this time, using both concepts increases the roll to 9/10.  Using one concept still only makes the roll 5/10.  If you choose the challenge, one concept must be used or the roll drops to 1/10.

Laughs and Critical Success

If the pitcher's pickup line gets the recipient to laugh, it's instantly successful.  This must be an audible, obvious laugh, not a smile or grin.  The dice-roll will then be for a critical success.  The odds for critical success are 5/10.  What a critical success means is variable.  By defaut, it means 3 additional points.

Pickup Line Rules

The pickup line doesn't have to be good.  It probably won't be.  But it has to be both coherent and recognizable as a pickup line.  It also has to be friendly and not horrible, which goes along with being identifiable as a pickup line.  The Bartender determines whether a pickup line is acceptable or whether it successfully incorporates one or both offered concepts.  If desired, the Bartender can put a decision to a vote or choose to categorically make decisions democratic.  The Bartender can even call a vote on in-fiction decisions that have nothing significant to do with the game.

The Bartender, being the gamemaster, is the game's referee in whatever way is needed.  They are, basically, the adult supervision.  If the Bartender is an immature troll, well, you're screwed.  Either stop playing, or endure their world of madness.


Throughout the game, the Bartender's job is to narrate the game and provide context to the game's actions.  While the players may be responsible to establishing their characters, the Bartender can determine their actions or even take over their internal monologue if desired.  The players can also set up some story beats preceeding their own pickup lines and recipients can continue for a bit after the play is made.  Make an effort to keep rolling with the fiction you've chosen.  It's largely the whole point.

Strip Rules

Now that basic play is established, scoring and victory conditions are pretty flexible.  One idea is Strip Rules.  In Strip Rules, if a player has five strikes, they take off a piece of clothing (a Take-off).  Alternately, if a player has seven points, they can order a Take-off on another player.  A Take-off can also happen on a critical success.  

Drink Rules

Replace the words "take off clothing" with "drink booze".

Elimination Rules

You can also create a shorter game, by incorporating eliminations instead of Take-offs.

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