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My Own Retrospective: 5 Years of Growth


How is everyone doing tonight? Most of you probably don't remember me because my last blog post is from September of 2009 but that is alright. I recommend you don't do what I did and go back to those old posts but this is a sign of growth (hopefully).

For a class in the NYU Game Center we were assigned to make a blog. I could have saved myself the pain of looking back at the terrible writitngs of a teenager by making a Tumblr post but this bagan as a fun project. I started my path as a "writer" here in the Dtoid community blogs, with the hope of being promoted to the main site so it is appropriate that I went back to my roots to discuss how wrong I was with those aspirations. 

In those five years I have been to several trade shows for different websites inclusing E3, PAX East and GDC as well as written my fair share of reviews. At the time when I joined the Dtoid community I definitely didn't know I would end up in this spot and that is thanks to these community blogs. There is probably another version of me who joined the community with aspirations to one day write about video games.

However, please don't do what I did. Somethings I have learned from many mentors in this field and other fields is to be honest and truthful when you write. I would write faux-news posts for relatively no reason and only to get noticed by the actual editors of this site. Another basic thing I learned is to not be afraid to discover ideas while writing. I started this blog post reading through my ramblings as a teenager with no intent in mind. Once I read enough (this came really quickly) I formed more ideas about how this platform helped me in ways that aren't directly linked to video games in fact. 

I am keeping this short in case anyone in the comments wanted to ask about my experiences and what they can do to be a better writer. I attach a photo of the me working with Polygon during E3 last year. Amazing experience. 

Madninja away...

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