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Horror Movies From OZ For Halloween Part 2


So yesterday I gave you guys some suggestions for some horror movies to watch this Halloween. Not content on just telling you about 5 films, I have decided to give you guys another 5 Australian horror movies to sink your teeth into. First up Wolf Creek director Greg McLean's 2007 film Rogue

Rogue is one of those killer animal films. Set in the Australian outback, a tour boat is attacked by a gargantuan salt water crocodile. Our heroes are Pete, an American travel writer and Kate, the woman who runs the boat tour. A fairly simple film, it's still a fun watch with some fun kills and Sam Worthington pre-Avatar. A must watch for any fans of films like Jaws and Piranha.

Next up we have Howling III: The Marsupials. What happens when an Australian tries to make a warewolf movie, it turns into a waremarsupial movie. Directed by Philippe Mora, words really can't describe this film. You have a group of nun/waremarsupials & a scene where the main character giving birth and actually watch her newborn crawl into her pouch. Just watch it if you want to see some weird shit.

(I mean just look at this fucking thing.)

How do you follow up something like that, well how about 2009's The Loved Ones. Directed by Sean Byrne, The Lovend Ones follows teenager Brent. Six months prior to the events of the film, Brent while drivng swerves to avoid hitting a man in the road and ends us causing a crash in which his father is killed. In the present time line he has a best friend and girlfriend but still resorts to smoking pot and cutting himself. Anyway, there is an upcomming dace at his school and the weird chick asks him the go with her. He refuses and lets just say it dosen't end well for him. With some very dark humor reminiscent of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Loved Ones is a pretty good watch unless you are squeamish about torture. It does have some boring subplot about Brent's best friend trying to sleep with some goth chick.

Well now after watching The Loved Ones, there is no reason for not checking out 2007's Storm Warning. Directed by Jamie Blanks, Storm Warning concerns married couple Pia and Rob as they go for a fishing trip. This goes wrong when they get lost and wind up on an island where the only other people happen to be psycotic rapists. With some reallly strong performances, the stand out is Nadia Fares who plays Pia. You get some pretty cool and interesting kills as well as one the best rape prevention devices. Again, it's not the greatest thing ever made but is still worth your time.

Ok last movie recommendation for this time is 2008's Dying Breed, directed Jody Dwyer. Dying Breed follows a young woman Nina who goes deep into Tasmania's woods to find proof that the tasmanian tiger is not actually extinct. Nina brings her boyfriend Matt, who also invites his brother Jack and his girlfriend Rebecca. While searching around the area that several years earlier Nina's sister was mysteriously killed, they come across a very small town. The inhabitants happen to be descendants of Alexander Pearce the pie man and live up to the family legacy. There's not much to this film besides some pretty good kills, but it's still worth a watch if you're into films like Wrong Turn and The Hills Have Eyes.

So there you go, another five Australian horror movies for you to watch this Halloween. As before feedback is greatly appreciated and I will try to get one more done before the end of the month.

Happy Halloween - Zyk

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