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Solar Pony Django�s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup #1


Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of :10/15/14 and 10/22/14


Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it.

Welcome to Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly comic book roundup where I take the comics that I have on a pull list and talk about them. I also encourage your own opinion of the comics down below, I’m always interested in other peoples thoughts and how they differ from mine so without further ado:

Edge of Spider-Verse 5:

Recently Marvel has done a series called Edge of Spider-Verse that takes shows off all the different Spider people of different universes. Most of the time they’re Peter Parker and have similar stories, other times they don’t (check my thoughts on Spider-Verse 4 for one that doesn’t).

Spider-Verse 5 is a more Japanese setting, very much so an anime/manga feeling. So much so that they have a few references to other animes such as Evangelion, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Small ones as I’ll show but they are still here. There are also a few others but that would be giving away too much and that’s not nearly as fun.



The story to Spider-Verse 5 is that SP//dr’s original operator dies so his daughter takes over, only she can control it because the Spider that controls the mech suit can only choose certain people’s DNA. So pretty typical anime stuff but still fun nonetheless, she uses the suit for a while fights Mysterio and that’s mostly what happens. I enjoyed this one but it mainly felt like a love letter to anime (not that, that’s a bad thing) however she’s also one of the few alternate realities that didn’t get killed as well. That’s the point of Spider-Verse to show us a Spider-Person that either ends up going with the rest of the Spider-People or dyeing. So it was pretty interesting and I’m glad she didn’t die, it’ll be interesting to see where her story goes. If they continue it more than just acknowledging that she exists.



Spider-Man 2099 005:

Can you tell I like Spider-Man a fair amount already? Thankfully though since it’s an interconnecting story for Spider-Verse that’ll probably be a good thing. For those that don’t know Spider-Man 2099 is a Spider-Man in 2099… most of the time. However at this moment he’s actually stuck in Peter Parker’s timeline and doesn’t know how to get back to 2099.

However that’s not the point of 005, the point this time is to show that not only are Spider-People of Peter’s timeline being hunted, Spider-People of EVERY timeline are being hunted, past, present, future, it’s open season on everyone. Morlun is hunting everyone. And for those that don’t read Spider-Man that often but know Morlun’s dead, well you’re technically right. One of him did die, but there’s a whole family. The only place Morlun is (unsurprisingly) afraid to go is the Earth where he’s been killed. Where the Peter Parker we know killed him once. The majority of the Spider-Man (or Woman) comics at this point is just setting up for the big fight. We do also find out that the Avengers can’t hold a candle to Morlun as well.

Amazing X-Men 012:

For the last couple of Amazing X-Men comics, it’s had us Canada trying to fight off a curse that if you ate human flesh on Canadian Soil you turned into a Wendigo. Think like Sasquatch only white and they also spread by biting other people. So the initial way is through consumption of human meat but can be transferred after that. And the whole reason this happened is someone killed a coworker at a meat factory and decided the best way to dispose of the evidence is to grind him into meat. Which is… really, really gross when you think about it. Not just due to the Wendigo’s but most people don’t want to eat human meat and are grossed out by it in the first place.

Anyways, the Wendigo storyline wraps up nicely with the X-Men getting defeated by the guy that controls the Wendigo’s, who originally wanted this to happen so it could spread beyond Canadian soil. Which it did for a little while until the X-Men did then defeat them by getting upgrades to their powers. See the thing controlling the Wendigo’s was a Canadian god and betrayed the rest of them. So they gave them temporary upgrades to their powers and killed him. What’s really kind of strange about them having gods, is the first arc involved Heaven and Hell along with God. But I don’t think this is the first time X-Men has done this so nothing to out of the ordinary here.

Cyclops 006:

                So this series is uh…. Something I’m not quite as familiar on actually. I actually happen to enjoy Cyclops a fair amount whereas I know a lot of others don’t happen to like him for one reason or another. But basically this one seems to be time-travel as well? I think? It’s about a Scott Summers that was replaced by another Scott Summers that is now an intergalactic Space Pirate with his dad whom he thought was dead but actually isn’t dead. He’s just mostly dead and needs nano-serum to survive.

                Anyways 006 has Scott and his dad reuniting with the rest of his crew after having gone off on their own for a bit so that Scott could learn more about being a pirate and what to do in certain situations. They crash-landed on an abandoned planet and then set about repairing the tracking signal that had broken so as to attract the bounty hunters to them so they could steal their ship. It’s such a weird story but it’s interesting. Scott and his dad reunite with the crew Scott messes up a couple of ship duties and a different set of bounty hunters are upon them. Scott passes himself off as being angry at his father and then proceeds to “mutineer” and betrays his dad to join the other team. As I said a particularly silly plot with lots of twists and turns but overall a good series. I wasn’t sure about this series when I first got it, but am interested to see how it develops.

Amazing Spider-Man 008:


                You know what can be hard sometimes? Finding a picture of a comic with the same exact name as a previous comic. Which that’s why the image is so small for this one. Anyways… Amazing-Spider Man (as of this moment until the next one supposedly) is still dealing with your average every day Peter Parker Spider-Man. We had a team up of Ms.Marvel and Spider-Man to stop Dr.Minerva from stealing a cocoon that had a baby in it? Yeah that was… weird… but they stop her and the other person whom was bitten by Peter’s radioactive Spider takes on her own web-slinging persona as Silk and redesigns her costume. After having only been in the comic’s for a few editions so far. So I guess they didn’t like the initial design.

                However there is a little tiny bit of Spider-Verse later on as there was for 007 as well, just a brief little 6 page tidbit about Spider-Girl (whom I don’t think we’ve seen for a while actually) how her dad whom is Peter Parker dies but she saves herself and her new little brother and goes off with the other Spider-People before she can be consumed as well. Starting next time is when the whole thing is supposed to really kick it into next gear, so look forward to that!


Batman Beyond Universe 15:


                Hey look! A DC comic in the sea of Marvel!

                Batman Beyond Universe takes place after Bruce Wayne has become old and can no longer be Batman due to being old, that’s when Terry McGinnis comes into play and becomes Batman Beyond. Whom I actually happen to enjoy a lot more than regular Batman, I do enjoy regular Bats don’t get me wrong but I really like Terry’s character quite a bit so that helps.

                Most of the time for Batman Beyond Universe they have two different interconnecting stories in the comics, one focusing on JLA and the other focusing entirely on Terry. I actually prefer when it focuses solely upon Terry like it did this time. I don’t mind having JLA involved either but I mainly got into Batman Beyond Universe for Batman Beyond. Anyways Inque is back this time and has found a way so that she can actually not be affected by water, which makes her a significant more dangerous threat than before. Terry is going between worlds from this one and another one (where Injustice took place) so he can visit his father who isn’t dead in the Injustice timeline. Terry and Mealnie (or 10 as some may know her better as) are dating until the end of this comic due to the fact that she went back briefly to being 10 and they can’t find a stolen item so Terry believes it was her. However she claims it wasn’t and they get into a fight and break up.


Also from back when this series first began a new villain named Rewire came around and killed his father. He went to Arkham actually regretted what he did but everyone just shat on him for every little thing he did unfortunately. However he got fed up with it and is trying to abduct his dad from the other timeline to make up for it. So it’s interesting to see how a villain can try to be good but lead back to being a villain after people just make his day miserable. Something that was addressed in Batman the Animated Series but is still interesting to see nonetheless.

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #10


                So My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has had 3 comic bookseries now, with the micro-series having ended and Friends Forever coming shortly after that one ended. It usually address characters we haven’t seen for a while in the cartoon series or just were one offs that were fan favorites so they decided to create another story about them.

                #10 features Iron Will back and asking for help from Fluttershy. So it’s a reverse comic of the episode that he was initially in. And yes, he does come back with some great quotes such as “If you laugh in my face, then it’s time to erase!” The whole reason he needs Fluttershys help in the first place is because his wife thinks he’s too aggressive, something Fluttershy would be able to help stem since she’s usually a sweet timid thing that just likes to help and be loving. Of course when the little demon this is Fluttershy’s rabbit Angel doesn’t help matters it does lead to Angel being Angel. I don’t like Angel he is a complete and utter bum, but I love Fluttershy so I deal with it. Anyways Iron Will gets angry because of Rainbow Dash (big surprise, seeing as how she can be quite aggravating) but due to that Fluttershy teaches Iron Will there’s a time and a place to be assertive. So he learns to control his anger a little bit better and goes home to his wife and son so they can be a happy family again.


Future’s End 24 and 25:

                The Future’s End series is usually pretty short since it’s a weekly occurrence so I’ll do both at once. For those that don’t know Future’s End is exactly as the title says, a pretty bleak look as to what could happen in the future but Batman Beyond is sent back to the past, back to the past Samurai Jack… er Batman Beyond is sent back to the past to try to stop Brother Eye from turning the world into a hive mind cyborg collective. However, as of last time a fused Batman (original) and Joker cyborg assassin was sent back in time to stop Terry, naturally Batman didn’t want to do this so they made his life a living hell teaming him up with Joker, by fusing them into one robot body.

                So for Future’s End it also doesn’t focus primarily on Terry, it has a focus on all the other super heroes of that time as well, showing what happened up to Brother Eye taking over, Superman not being Superman anymore among other things. We have Braniac coming to Earth in a much bigger way than previously before but he is distracted by a few heroes trying to stop him including Hawkman, Frankenstein, Engineer, Amethyst, Atom and Black Adam whom is not a good guy but is agreeing to help them anyways so that he can leave this hell hole that he is in. Superman comes back in 24 as well to fight something that is plaguing a village.

                They talk more about how to fight Braniac but the team who was fighting him and was getting overwhelmed gets warped away just in the nick of time before they’re assimilated, as Engineer was (but she got better! ‘Twas only a flesh wound!) Superman fights what turns out to have just been a smaller version of Braniac that was testing his abilities and he’s failed. Firestorm’s secret identity is figured out and the scientist that he’s working with discovers this, however he also happens to hate super heroes, so he’ll probably end up trying to kill one half of Firestorm since he’s two people. Sometimes Future’s End has a lot going on, other times it has a lot of build up to things that are about to happen, but it tells an interesting story. One I thought I wouldn’t enjoy as much since I’m not much of an apocalypse type of guy.


But that’s the wrap up for this bi-weekly comic book round up. Thoughts, or ways I could improve? Just let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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