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Features I want in Payday 2... or maybe 3.



you know what I love? I love me some good Coop games. I just love to play Coop. The best of both worlds is Team against Team, like Team Fortress, Magic the Gathering 2on2 or Left 4 Dead 2. Given that I also like somewhat realistic setting, the both Payday games made me cream my pants. So I pre-ordered Payday 2 when it released and after 40 hours I stopped playing. The game had become stale. Promised features were missing, overall it felt like a DOWNGRADE from part 1 at that point. My friend and I mastered the hardest difficulty, we had filled our nine item slots for everything... we were just done with the game.

Now I gotten back into it and holy fucking hell, Overkill really went all out with patching this thing up to snuff. Safehouse Customization is still missing, but here is what they added since I last played:
- a new Skill Tree
- an endgame Skill Tree for Lvl 100 players
- another new Skill Tree is to be released soon
- 7 (!!!) new Heists, most of them free if I'm not missing something (and even if you don't have a DLC you can still JOIN the games for the DLC if somebody else hosts the game - so you can basically try it out very easily before buying)
- collectibles in the levels that will unlock weapon mods and masks if collected enough
- revamped the Skill Trees
- one new Character (Keanu Reeves - I shit you not)
- new masks (of course)
- Grenades
- revamped the difficulty levels and added a new one (Death Wish)
- new enemies
- added a tool for modding (sadly not in the extend I would love to see it - we need a level editor!)
- new armors
- new weapons
- melee weapons
- revamped XP/money earning

So you see, there has been A LOT added to the game. Actually enough to get me into it again, I'm really hyped for it at the moment.

Still, there is stuff I would like to see added. If not in this one, maybe in the next one. Overkill, here are my ideas.

The world is against me - it wouldn't be fair otherwise.

Idea: PvP

Think of it as a Kane & Lynch 2 style of thing, because say what you want, the MP idea this thing had was great. You could betray your allies. In K&L2 you had a bunch of robbers who had to fight through a level to escape, but you could betray your allies, kill them, and take their loot. Imagine this as an Option (!) for Payday. You are able to kill your partners in crime and get more loot, but so can they. This will cause a very tense, very fragile alliance and could do for some absolutely great mindgames.
Make it optional when the host starts his game, so you can easily filter out games with or without this, if you want to.

Idea: Team vs Team

Imagine this: you and your crew are robbing a bank. And suddenly, bam, another crew shows up. They are after the same thing you are. A second car is parked on the other side of a map for them. It would be basically a bit like Dark Souls MP. You have three parties and everyone is an enemy to each other. You have two teams of robbers, but you also have the cops who will attack them all the same. Again, this could make from some crazy shootouts and I always like fighting against humans, because their behavior is far less predictable than any AI. If you manage to fend off the invaders you also get an experiences/money bonus. Maybe you could even include something like a danger mode, where the reward is higher - but if you die, an enemy can steal your mask. You would literally risk losing a rare mask (you might have to balance it out though, so people with ultra rare masks don't invade with just the Standard Ones you wouldn't be able to lose - so it should maybe recognize "Hey, there are two people with rare dropping masks, so your team needs at least two members with those too or you can't invade").
Again: make it simply optional make a game invadeable or  not.

I didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose me.

Idea: Cops vs. Robbers

It's as simple as Left 4 Dead: let players take control of Cops. I really don't know what else to say, just copy Left 4 Dead for fuck's sake. They perfected that shit pretty much.

Idea: Enemy Scaling

Let the server host scale how many of any enemy type will spawn during the match. So if someone wants a shootout with like 100 Bulldozers over the course of the game - hey, let them have it. Of course money and experience should scale expectingly, but if I just want to rob a bank with fat city policemen but like 500 of them - why not? It shouldn't be that hard to pull this off and would be a neat option.


Idea: Level Editor

No more words needed. Fuck if it'll be complicated, fans WILL figure it out and be able to create some GREAT stuff. It's what will keep your game alive for a longer time. Again, look at Left 4 Dead 2!

So come on Overkill, make a good game an outstanding one. You can do it. 

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