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Every Time a Blogger Leaves Destructoid, A Mega Man Game is Cancelled


With the departure of R. Hoffmann from Destructoid, Capcom announced today it has cancelled an upcoming Mega Man game.

The game, tentatively titled "Mega Man on Top," would have featured Mega Man and Top Man teaming up as they investigated roller disco themed Robot Masters in 1960's Mexico City. Kenzo Tsujimoto, CEO of Capcom, said the devastating loss of R. Hoffmann's contributions to the Destructoid C-Blog section was too much for the development staff to overcome, and the news left many on the team in the fetal position. The cancellation is part of Capcom's plan to push the blame of the Blue Bomber's lack of a future onto anyone else but themselves. This is the second Mega Man game to be abandoned this week. On Monday when Everyday Legend announced he was leaving Destructoid, Capcom cancelled "Bass to Mouth," an action game that would have featured Bass and Treble infiltrating the underground robot porn industry.

"Bass to Mouth was set to be the premier game for E3 2015," Tsujimoto said in a statement Tuesday after the long in-development game was cancelled. "However, once Everyday Legend announced his plans to leave, we knew we couldn't go on with development. 800 people were let go when the project closed."

In another blow to Mega Man fans, Capcom also announced it would no longer be developing the rumored Rush pet-sim for the Playstation Vita after a deli forgot to include the pickle with Tsujimoto's order.

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