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Edge of Spider-Verse #4.


So Marvel has been having a comic book explosion for Spider-Man recently talking about all the other Spider-Men (and in a few instances) women and how they act differently than Peter Parker. The majority of them are pretty similar with small changes here and there like the Noir themed one which has been my favorite so far.

A little different than normal Peter Parker but for the most part is pretty similar to him main difference being his origin story and the time setting. It's pretty cool how they've taken to it, in fact in Spider-Verse 2 it had Gwen Stacy as Spider-Women and Peter Parker died instead, weird change up no?


But then we came to the 4th edition of Spider-Verse, the one I wanted to talk about most.

Spider-Verse #4... where do I even begin with how much I disliked this one. First off we're going to address that (thankfully) this isn't Peter Parker. It's Patton Parnell a more... cruel version of Spider-Man. In fact the first look we get at him is him torturing ants with a microscope then just crushing them cause hey why not.

Which someone is going to point out hey that's what all small children do. And you're right. Small children. He is not a small child. He's in high school and since this was subject #32 I believe it means he's experimented on more and who knows what else. But basically I bring this up because we see that this isn't the more kindhearted Peter Parker it's someone that takes pleasure in hurting things.

Eventually we're introduced to not Mary Jane, Sarah Jane whom talks to Patton for one reason or another and is an animal rights activist. In the field trip that they take they try to free a radioactive spider and Patton gets bit. Later on we see he's getting sick much like how Peter did and then when he doesn't want to go to school Uncle Ted comes along and beats him with a belt. Which is probably the ONLY time after this you're going to feel sorry for him.

He then proceeds to gain his spider powers but can actually shoot webs... and then things start to turn weird. Apparently Uncle Ted doesn't allow Patton in the fridge for food so he eats a rat. Says it tastes good and then he eats the cat to swallow the rat to swallow the fly, perhaps he'll die. Oh wait that didn't happen... well the cat did but the rhyming did not. When Uncle Ted comes home he too is promptly eaten.

As I said you're going to feel NO regret for Patton anymore, I should also note that there is cocoons of who knows how many animals or what they are around the house as Patton eats Uncle Ted. After that we find out that the spider he was biten by spreads eggs by biting his mate and leaving them there to spawn. Now why would this be brought u- OH YOU ALREADY KNOW WHY. So he convinces the school bully whom was much like Flash to fight him after school infects him with his eggs ties him up at home. He then later ate a dog and found the boy who was looking for his dog and infected him too. Seriously this one is pretty fucked up guys.

He then meets Sarah Jane and he's started acting like a bad boy now so she comes over to his house because she's attracted to him... as he was to her, because I forgot to mention he was spying on her at her house. And then proceeds to lay eggs at this point is promptly slapped and starts to transform into a spider beat. Sarah Jane makes the mistake of going into his room and sees the decaying bodies of the two boys, sitll alive but infected with eggs which then proceed to hatch from him.

Afterwards in what is possibly the ONLY time you hope Morlun kills a Spider-Man shows up and kills him.

Brief history lesson on Morlun on his family, they eat the spiders to gain their lifeforce and have completely WRECKED an entire group of Spider-Men and women. About 20 of them I believe were wrecked by just three of them. THREE OF THEM. So in the only time you'll feel good about Morlun showing up this is that time. He wrecks Patton ripping his arms off one at a time then proceeding to drain his essence, all while more spiders hatch and go everywhere and Sarah Jane runs home screaming it's just a dream over and over again. She then proceeds to do this in the morning again notices the bite marks from Patton and of course hundreds of spiders pop out running all over her possibly consuming her we don't see that though.

So yeah... #4 was a miserable read in my opinion, I'm a HUGE fan of Spider-Man he cracks jokes and (most of the time) is a guy that seems like would be a blast to hang around since he's pretty laid back but this one? YECH I've really enjoyed Spider-Verse so far I truly have but I couldn't stand this one, I read it before I went into work and it gave me the heebie jeebies for a few hours. I just felt sick and wanting to throw up that's how disturbed this made me.

So yeah... now that I've gotten that rant out... what did you think of it dtoid that's read it? Did you like it? Were you as disgusted by it as I was? Also how many comic book fans do we even happen to have? I'm considering doing a bi-weekly comic book round up and want to know what everyone thinks. Thanks for your time everyone.

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