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Some new things


Oh wow this is the first time I'm writing in our new C Blog editor. Hey look at how much easier it is now! Do you all like it? Any issues? 

Anyway, just wanted to share some new things on what's up behind-the-scenes. Right now you've probably noticed a new face on the front page. Wrenchfarm is all official and stuff now, look at his first post talking about the surprise hit, Shadow of Mordor

We've also leveled up Occams from mod status, and he's going to be right alongside Bill and Beccy on all things community. We brought on Occams as Andy Dixon is getting a new role/responsiblity going forward, and he'll be sharing the specifics on that soon.  

On the video front, the Twitch channel is back and running. It's not going to be like anything it was before back when Carnage, Venom, Pico, Foom, etc were running the show. That being more of a TV structured thing. It's going to be way more free form, and it's open to everyone that's on staff this time around. So maybe Andy will stream in his pink robe, or Brit will play JRPGs. We have no exact formual for it yet, intentially. We did want to at least get things going again. 

As for other video stuff on our YouTube, you may have noticed it's been all over the place. We're just experiementing, seeing what really works and takes. 

Other things are happening, though I don't want to talk about it until we're actually in the middle of it. Though maybe you've noticed what I'm alluding to already before I even wrote up this blog. HMMMMM. 

Whoa I just noticed the word counter to the right of this blog editor. Neat. 

Oh, I will at least tease we're going to be talking about a site redesign next month. I'll ask for your suggestions/ideas shortly before discussions happen. 

As always, ask me anything. 

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