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Solar Pony Django's Initial Thoughts on: Super Sm4sh Brothers for 3DS


(SPD Note: Any game I give an initial thought to will not have a review score, due to the fact that it is my initial thoughts. I post these with about 6 hours into the game to see how it feels and how I'm enjoying it so far.)

(Note 2: I've decided to make this a series because I want to post to the blogs more often so the other dtoiders can get to know me better. So prepare yourself. Winter is coming, and that means games.)



Welcome to another iteration of Solar Pony Django's Initial Thoughts. The game this time is Super Smash Brothers for 3DS. A series that tons of people enjoy and get really excited for. With good reason to each time Sakurai adds more flavor to the games and hypes it up more and more. I know I wasn't alone with I saw my favorite Blue Bomber.


People were freaking the heck out when they saw Mega Man! And for good reason, he's one of the video game industries most well known characters. Not as well known as Mario mind you but he has a pretty solid following even here on dtoid. Needless to say I was excited as where a lot of others. (he was the only character I played in the demo so I could learn his moveset before the game came out.)


Now for my initial thoughts on Sm4sh. It's a good game, I personally enjoy it more than any other Smash game so far... however there's a few decent reasons as to why this might be.


1. This is actually the first Smash Bros. game I've ever owned. My parents didn't like the idea of my having a console when I was a kid because they figured I wouldn't focus as much on my school work and I would only play video games every day for the most part. They weren't wrong, eventually I did get my own Gamecube from an ex friend. I think I got it from him for 20$ but he was always very rough with his systems and controllers beating them when things didn't go his way and throwing controllers against the wall. Needless to say that Gamecube doesn't work very well anymore but it served it's purpose and once I was in College I got another one that worked better. While we're on the subject of the Gamecube it was my brother that bought Melee and I played with him, so eventually when my parents were right and they did take my Gamecube away from me when I wasn't doing so well in school (funny story my dad had told me he had smashed it and thrown it away and I was bawling tears. Later on my mom made me feel reassured by telling me he hadn't it had just been hidden somewhere. I should also note she never told me where it was. That was something I found out for myself eventually. Which I then took to the utmost advantage when I could during Spring Break and what not to play my Gamecube. However this was rather risky and I'm surprised I was never caught, I don't blame my dad for telling me he smashed it either. I wasn't doing my school work so in the end he was absolutely correct. School is very important and he did his best to make sure I did my best at school that way I would have an easier time later.)

2. I didn't buy a Wii. So yeah no Brawl for me, I didn't have anything against the Wii mind you and if I had, had a job during my beginning parts of College I probably would have bought a Wii. It's just by the time that I did have a job the Wii U was coming out. So I went with the Wii U so I could play Wii games. And I still haven't bought Brawl yet for whatever reason. Maybe because the next smash was on it's way or because there's other Wii games that caught my interest first.

3. I didn't own an N64 either so no original Smash for me. I was kinda lucky at all that I got what I did truth be told, I did get a GameBoy Pocket, Advance and DS. The last two I had to save my allowance for, as well as a laptop that I eventually bought for myself. Which was also taken away eventually when I didn't have high enough grades. I get distracted really easily since I have ADHD and my dad knew that. I still found ways so as I could play my systems mind you but I'd like to think he helped. He's a great dad really is, I just didn't see that then.


Anyways back to Sm4sh after my ramblings. I'm really enjoying it so far I've unlocked all but 4 of the characters R.O.B, Bowser Jr., Lucina, and Dr.Mario. Unfortunately tommorow I have to give my 3DS to Nintendo so they can fix it. It's not completely broken mind you just the inner camera doesn't work and I figured before the warranty was up I should probably try to go ahead and get that fixed.


The game's been really good so far however, I like most of the stages. Reset Bomb Forest is the one that I think of initially for stages I don't like. Pac-Maze isn't a particular favorite either but I don't happen to hate it. Most of the characters happen to feel really good as well while playing them. Some I just can't connect with. Sonic and Ness are the two prime ones. Which makes me sad because I really love Earthbound and I'm enough of a Sonic fan that I'd like to play as him. But so far my two favorite characters (from what I've played) are fighting robot Mega Man and Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon feels a lot better then he did in Brawl. Which is good because Captain Falcon's a pretty cool guy that doesn't afraid of anything.


I also happen to really like all the modes, I haven't gotten to try all of them yet but a good majority I have. Only one I don't think I've gotten to yet actually is the Street Pass one. Which is kinda strange since I went into a Gamestop today with my 3DS but didn't get any hits for Smash. It happens though I suppose. I've played a lot of classic and I plan to play more all-star. I do want to get all the trophies for each character even if that'll be a pain. For classic I've  actually been notching it up slowly in difficulty to prepare myself for online and I think it's been helping. Gotten up to 6.3 so far so not terribly high but not low.


Speaking of online I have done two matches so far, one was really good no lag whatsoever and I had a really fun time with it. It made me want to play more but I also want to unlock all the characters so I've been doing an online match here and there. I should also note I have had connection problems where I can't join into a game for whatever bizarre reason and it takes a few tries until I can. Now for the other match... that one was terrible and had so much lag it wasn't fun. But I was willing to try again after that because I'd seen people without lag so figured I'd had one bad match. Which turned out to be true since that was my first match. I haven't played for fun yet so I can't judge that but I do intend to eventually. I just haven't had much time until today since I've been working close to 10 hours shifts at my job which is fine I don't mind.


And with that we've come to the end of my initial thoughts on what I think of Sm4sh. It's good, really good even if this is coming from someone that's never bought the game before.


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