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My Favorite Game: Mega Man 2


But those are what made the game so great! The team knew they had one final chance to demonstrate that there was real value in this property, so they packed as many ideas and concepts as they could. Some may call it rough around the edges; I call it raw, pure, honest. And history has shown that those risks paid off in spades -- Mega Man 2's flaws are remembered not as game-killers but as unique quirks.

I could continue to list the areas where Mega Man 2 succeeded as a game, but the truth is that it's more than a game to me. I'm happy that there is a consensus of high quality, but that's true of many games. On a personal level, Mega Man 2 is incomparable.

When Capcom dropped the ax on Mega Man Legends 3, it stirred such profound emotions that I had to convey them in a heartfelt farewell letter. Since that post, I've come to realize that Rock is like the friend who moved out of state but still drops by to visit now and then. At least I can replay any of his past adventures and never be bored. And whenever we get together, I can recall the key events in my life, both happy and sad, which always seem to be tightly intertwined with a particular playthrough or game release or action figure sighting at an anime shop in San Francisco.

And I have Mega Man 2 to thank for that.

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