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Initial Thoughts on Hyrule Warriors


Hyrule Warriors

So Hyrule Warriors is here now and I know that I've personally been pretty excited for it since I first saw it. See I've never played a Warriors game before (for more than 5 minutes) mostly due to the fact that I never owned a Sony system which made it strikingly hard to do so. However the series looked stupid fun so I've been wanting to play it and lo and behold I get to now.


Now that we're done with the backstory, this game is pretty good so far there's some silly things here and there, such as them trying to pass of Sheik as not Zelda to the other characters and from our standpoint it's like really? Really now everyone already knows it's Zelda so that's silly. Plus even Impa doesn't know it's Zelda, so it's really like they're trying to convince us but Zelda couldn't have learned it without Impa in the first place so it's a little facepalmy because of how silly that is but also interesting since some people may not have known that.


The gameplay is pretty mindless just go ahead and kill a bunch of enemies kill some bigger enemies capture some camps etc. etc., but there's something about this mindlessness that's actually fun, you don't get to do this with the normal Zelda series it's usually one on one fights and occasionally more than that usually about 5 is the maximum. But with this you're slaughtering 20-100 really fast so it's nice to differ up from the Zelda formula while keeping things similar.


Such as the items, you get some essential items, in odd form however the bombs are first and the boomerang isn't until later which is usually opposite but I'm not exactly opposed to it either. Each item feels different enough but most of the items don't do that much damage agaisnt the bigger foes (which does make sense, would make it boring if every foe fell like paper). Bombs being the items I've used most so far due to them causing the most damage, as well as covering a bigger area than most of the sub weapons so far.


There's also a fair amount of enemies ranging from different games. Only three games unfortunately which I feel they dropped the ball on for this, I would've loved link to the past, Wind Waker and Majora's Mask locales/enemies but for the selection that we have it's a pretty good selection so I'm thankful for that.


Last thing for my initial thoughts, the way the characters control individually is fun as well each one does truly feel different and with a different feels makes each of the characters happen to feel really fun which is nice. So for my initial thoughts I can forsee my continuing to play through this game. Until at least Smash 4 comes out. This time really happens to suck since so many games come out then you may not come back to it. I'm hoping that isn't the case for this.



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