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The Villager is a monster. He/She will rip you a new one while watering their tree or will blast you off while riding their own mailbox. You should be afraid, very, very afraid under that wide awake stare the Villager will give you. There will be no mercy for you. 

Choo Choo Motherfucker, indeed. 

The Lliod Rocket is magnificent. Sending that sucker out and then choosing whether to ride on it for a while or just letting it take it's course, provides a great amount of strategy. Not only is it a great projectile but it's helpful to use when pushed off stage.  I indeed will spam the rocket out of your life.

The Tree. The Motherfucking tree. Don't even think of coming near the Villager when he/she is watering their plants. DON'T EVEN TEST IT, BRO. Outside of inflicting massive damage to anyone who is near the tree when watered, once bulit, the tree acts as an excellent sheild. Also if you don't want that tree anymore its time for the Villager to take out it's Axe and start chopping. The Villager does not give a fuck about the environment, he'll cut down as much trees as he can until everyone around he/she has been cut down to size. 


 Oh hey Samus, I like your Canon. Mind if I use it? 

 The Villager's ability to pocket any projectile is really what makes the Villager so unique. The Villager is the Wild Card of the roster. By allowing the Villager to pocket a shot from Samus, a fireball from Mario, or anything else sent it's way and then throwing it right back, the options a player has as attacks is rather massive. The Villager is evn able to pocket Link's Final Smash when timed rightly. The Villager has learned from it's master, Tom Nook, to take everything away from you and then make use of it, on one's own terms. Anything will flow through the pockets of the Villager. 


Lastly, I want to talk about choice. The Villager like the Mii Fighter and the Wii Fit Trainer gives you the choice of playing as a boy or girl. Just like how the majority of the Villager's moves are very choice dependent in their effectiveness, the Villager can be who ever they want to be. I take comfort in knowing that each battle with the Villager may be drasticallly different between each round and that I have eight different versions of the Villager to play as. Those who play as the Villager are not stuck down into strategezing every move but have a free will to do what they want to do, while most likely still leaving damage for the other fighters. The Villager is fun, sporatic, random, a winner, a loser, a troll, and many other things. Put all together, the Villager is life. 

This is Licensetomono claiming dibs on the Animal Crossing Villager. 

The fun starts October 3rd. 

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