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Crypt of the NecroDancer: Guaranteed to Turn You into a Necromaniac


Crypt of the NecroDancer is an upcoming game which stood out for me almost instantly. It was not simply because it is smattered with gems of originality, but evoked many familiar feelings and emotions. This combination, along with Danny Bananowsky's electrifying compositions lead me to believe that this game is something truly unique. It's also bloody fun!

Let's start with the familiar. It certainly is not a coincidence that Cadence, our protagonist, looks very much our old friend Link, both with the tunic and blond locks. The ever-so-popular 32-bit retro visual style is gorgeous. The game itself is standard dungeon crawling romp involving killing beasts until you find the boss to go to the next level. New items and upgrades are unlocked by collecting gems, and buying them in the lobby. This is not where the magic is hidden at all, of course.

Then there's the original, and boy is it original. Let's start with the genre. It's a dungeon crawling roguelike rhythm game. I cannot think of another such game. The joyful simplicity in the controls to navigate the map and kill enemies, is a true testament to how one does not need complexe controls to make a good game. Danny Baranowsky's soundtrack is fantastic. Small touches such as the merchant who sings along and the fact that skelletons shake it before moving will bring a smile to many people's faces. Although I died frequently, I kept going back simply to know find out what new surprises were around the corner.

I personally cannot wait for the full release of this game. Rare it is that a game leaves me with such an impact. There's an Alpha build somewhere. Go look for it!


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