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Super Smash Bros. 3DS Community Tournament


With the 3DS version of Super Smash Brothers dropping in two weeks, I figured it would be good to get an early start in creating a hub for people interested in playing other Dtoiders semi-competitively. I say semi, because I hope that anyone who is interested comes out and takes this opportunity to play with others!!! Organizing an early tournament will also be the best way for all of us to find friends to play with on the regular (if you don't already have some), and give us all a chance to learn from others. Hopefully Nintendo has their online shit together and we will be able to play relatively seemlessly with others around the globe.

Rules: (Subject to change)
- There will be a winner's and loser's bracket (double elimination)
- Best 2 out of 3 rounds
- Stock: 3 Lives
- No items
- Levels: All as long as agreed upon by both fighters

***Not sure about these rules yet, please let me know your thoughts***

Please let me know >>in this thread in the forums<< if you wish to participate. 

Reminder: We have a thread already for all discussion regarding the game >>here<<, so please try to keep this thread as organized as possible to make my life easier. Posts in the tourament thread should probably only include comments about matches, rule suggestions, participation notices, etc.

Hopefully we'll get a decent turn out! Another Blog post will go up around launch date to cement everything together

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