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Some Smashing Tunes: Choice Music Picks from Super Smash Bros for 3DS


Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is arriving and I'm really excited guys. Not only for a rad portable version of smash, but also for some sick new arrangements of some of the most iconic game music in the history of the universe!! Now, there are people in the world with copies of the full game, and people with access to the demo, and unfortunately I am in neither of these camps, so my impressions of the pieces is form a context outside of the game, who knows there may be some that work really well in the heat of battle but for now, these are some of the tracks i'd like to share from what I've heard so far!


I would like to take a moment to appreciate some of the crazy good music we get as ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS for this insane crossover arena brawler that is Smash. 

Ever since I heard this arrangement of the main theme in the E3 Trailer in 2013 I've been pining to listen to it in all it's glory and HERE IT IS!! There are so many arrangements o the main theme for this generation of Smash Bros and this is probably my favourite but there are two other arrangements which I would highly reccomend. 

I really like these two arrangements as they take the theme in different directions and stylistically are just groovy I really dig them. 

But the new theme isn't the only original tune that gets some really rad treatments, there's even one for the Melee fans out there...(and it's insane)


There are some really good arrangements for classic Nintendo tunes in Smash Bros for 3DS. These are just some of the arrangements that jumped out at me and there are so many more that I'd love to talk about but there's no time for that LET'S GO!


1. Megaman 2 Title / Dr Wily Stage 2 - Megaman 2 I mean you just can't pass up a good metal arrangement especially when it's an official one and ESPECIALLY especially if it's Megaman. 

2. Stage Select - Pikmin I'm a fan of the pikmin games and their music is really charming in a nonsensical, disconcerting kind of way. This is just a really lovely arrangement of some lovely music. 

3. Bath Time (Vocal Mix) - Nintendogs When a short sample of this went up on the website I enjoyed it immediately and I was really confused as to why people weren't talking about it because it's a great arrangement of a really nifty tune. 

4 Ground Theme - Super Mario Bros. IT'S A HALF DECENT ARRANGEMENT OF THE ORIGINAL MARIO THEME!! AND IN A SMASH BROS GAME NO LESS!! I'm so glad they did this. I was a bit bummed from Mushroomy Kindom in Brawl, but this just brings it right back to where it belongs. 

Gerudo Valley - Ocarina Of Time OH MY GOLLY GOSH THIS IS THE ARRANGEMENT EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR!!! Ever since I heard the original Gerudo Valley music when I was 8 I have wanted to hear an arrangement just like this and this delivers in spades. We finally have a definitive version of the Gerudo Valley music, guys. We did it. Video Games are over.

Obviously there are so many more pieces and arrangements which I'd love to talk about but I thought I'd try to keep this as short as I possibly could. So tell me, what are some of your favourite pieces from the Smash Bros series!? If you have the game, or the demo, or have listened to more of the new tracks, what are some of your favrouite additions!? I'd love to hear your selections!! HAPPY SMASHING EVERYONE!

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