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Initial Thoughts on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call


So I picked up TFF:CC today (may as well abreviate it cause man that name's long) and so far I'm really enjoying it, it's got a lot of music, content and more modes that you unlock while playing it more which is good. It rewards you for playing it. The music is from nearly every Final Fantasy game with a few exceptions here and there I believe and it's a wide mix (it's even got Mystic Quest and while not everyone enjoyed the game itself I think we can all agree that the music was pretty rocking.)


But that's not why I bring up that I bought TFF:CC today, while playing it I was actually reminded of a similar but different game that came out a few years ago on the DS. And while I'm sure this point has been discussed before with the original TFF when that was first realised I wanted to visit upon something that could have made the game a lot better. It should play more like Elite Beat Agents. And I realize it's not fair to compare those two games since while they're similar not exactly the same but in my hour that I've had to play it (yes I know not a lot of time for 221 songs, I apologize I would've played more but I had class and wanted to get this out while the thought was fresh) it could benefit it so much to adapt some things from EBA.


Now it's not the gameplay aspects that I'm talking about because I actually really happen to enjoy those so far, a little different from EBA but I think that part's actually a good thing. It's good to have differences in gameplay so it's not a carbon copy. No what I'm talking about is that each song has something happening in the background like EBA (yes I know small things happen in the background) but what I'm talking about is full stories. It doesn't even have to be for all 221 songs, I think it would've just been nice to have say about 30 songs with an interconnecting story that goes along with the music. For those that have never heard of EBA or played it here's a video of what I'm talking about:

Elite Beat Agents took songs and made it's own unique story whereas with TFF:CC doesn't do that it kind of feels a bit lazy. Sure you get 221 songs out of it (which is great don't get me wrong) but if they'd gone the extra step I feel like it could've been a truly great game. I think it could've worked too, since although you can choose your party for this that would've also added replayability because each character could have different dialogue to make it have something going on while you're playing. And I know TFF:CC technically has a story but they could've done so much more then they did with it.

 Also no Wakka. How can you represent FFX without Wakka? I mean come on.

That's my opinion though, I'm curious Dtoid. What do you think on this subject?

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