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Hi chums!  If you know you want a print, jump down to the bottom and follow the instructions as I ONLY HAVE TWELVE PRINTS.  Otherwise, stick around for a story.

So as you may know, I started Printoid several months ago.  Hell, they've been DONE for several months.  The idea was to support a charity that Niero and a few others were going to be a part of, and that my prints would be sold during a live stream.

However, that never happened and I eventually got around to asking Niero about it.  He confirmed that sadly the whole thing never got off the ground, and he told me to just go ahead with the sell.  Which left me without a charity.  

As I've said before, being the ignorant gamer I am, the first thought is to send it to Child's Play.  But that's boring.  Which brings me to today.  A few days ago, I became aware that another Dtoider, PhilKenSebben, was in a tough spot after after the unfortunate death in his family left him with some steep funeral bills.  I can't think of a better beneficiary for a community charity drive than someone from that community.

So here's the deal: 100% of the proceeds will go to help PhilKenSebben with his step-father's burial.  Prints will be $30 dollars + $5 shipping (international shipping will be decided for each individual).  Seem like a lot?  These aren't your typical made by the thousands printed on newsprint kind of posters.  I hand printed each one of these on thick art paper using professional ink.  SHIT IS MADE TO LAST.  Ask Max and Niero how sweet these things look.  Maybe we'll both get lucky, my art degree won't end up being a $50000 mistake, I'll become a successful artist and that print will be worth a million dollars some day.  Also, it's for charity. So there.

Want one?  Here's the rub.  I don't have a store front or anything like that, so this is how it's going to work: send an email to meanderbot (at) gmail (dot) com.  The first twelve people I hear from can work out payment with me via Paypal or an appropriate analog. Anyone after that will get placed on a waiting list in case someone falls through.

Also, I plan on painting one with watercolors, which will then be put on ebay in the hopes of raising a bit more.  That one is still in the works, so stay tuned!

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