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10 things about Oscarno's intro blog.


1.This is it right here right now!!
I've been posting my articles here in DToid's community section for a while and I only just now realised that I haven't even introduced myself, so I'm doing it now let's go!

2.I am way into music. 
If there is something making a noise I'm going to listen to it, no matter what. Be it a Beethoven symphony, or nails on a blackboard, I want that sound to get into my brain right now. I'll literally listen to any genre of music and enjoy it...yes, even country. There's so much to be learned about culture and emotion and society and everything else through music. I love that it's a crazy nebulous thing that no one will ever truly grasp, and there will always be new things to learn about it and new ways to experience it it's just great. 

(2.5 I am way into video game music.) This all ties into why I love Video game music. Good video game music is there to enhance a players experience within a game, be it through sparse soundscapes, or a constant barrage of death metal it's all there to add to the greater experience of the game and it's fantastic. The interactivity, the genre variance, the ways the music changes in new and interesting ways are just some of the ways VGM beats out most other media soundtrack-wise. It's crazy interesting and it's great to see the interesting new ways people take music with new gameplay concepts or ridiculous premises UGH VGM IS SO GREAT DO YOU UNDERSTAND [email protected]!?!?

3.I come from a land down under. 
I live in Australia, where the winters are warm and the summers are just ridiculous honestly. There are pros and cons to living on the worlds largest dustbowl, The weather is great most of the time, but we have to wait forever for some stuff to release here. We get some of the perks of being lumped in with the PAL localisation for games, but most games cost $80 off the shelf. We have some of the greatest endemic fauna and flora ever, but most of it will kill you if you as much as sniff in it's direction (just kidding, everything is peaceful please visit). 

4.My IRL name is Oscar. 
It's hard to believe I know but if you try really hard you might get used to it eventually. (PS I am not a dog, I know like 80% of the worlds dogs are called Oscar but I promise I am not a dog, definitely a human not a dog. My uncle is a dog but that's not here nor there.)

5.I listen to way too many podcasts. 
Currently in my iTunes I have over 600 podcast episodes I need to listen to, and it's brilliant. There's nothing I enjoy more than cramming my head with as much useless knowledge as possible on my commutes. Be it about VGM, science, fantasy stories, business or whatever if people talk passionately about it I'll probably listen to it. 

6.I'm way into making music. 
No this is not the same as No. 2 and no I'm not running out of ideas shut up. But seriously I really enjoy playing as many instruments as I can get my hands on and making sounds and recording them and putting them on the internet. I've made some music for short student films along with some random other stuff( you can find it all here) I started writing music in 2010 and haven't looked back. My dream is to one day be able to live off making music, be it for Video games, in a performance type deal, or whatever, if I get to be making music for my job I'll be stoked. (also be sure to keep an eye on that soundcloud because there might be some exciting stuff coming sooooon!!)

7.My age is a secret. 
Just kidding I'm 19 hahahahaha joke's on you. 

8.My face is a secret. 
Don't go looking for it you won't find anything. Actually even with the most basic search you'll probably find my face, but for now I shall remain a friendly blue Pikmin. I have no reason for doing this i just like blue pikmin??

9.I Like Nintendo. 
I've got nothing against any consoles, if it provides you with the games you want to play then I implore you to absolutely love the shit out of your console. For me, I really enjoy nintendo's games. I'm bummed that I haven't been able to experience Journey or The Last of Us yet but hey, maybe I'll pick up a Playstation TV once they release so I can finally sink into those sweet sweet games. Or I'll just visit a friends place or something i don't know I'll figure it out jeez get off my case. Anyway, Nintendo has a bunch of great stuff I enjoy playing on my own and with family and friends (plus i have a rudimentary PC for everything else). Also the music, don't forget about nintendo music. 

10. Let's be friends!
If you wanna have a chat about anything you can contact me on twitter or send me a message on soundcloud or if you want to play games or something you're more than welcome to add me on Steam or the Nintendo Network I believe all the deets are in the sidebar just to the right!!

Anyway thanks for reading things about me I'm flattered you managed to get all the way to the end congrats! Sorry for taking this long to introduce myself but I'm glad I did hooray!!
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