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Problems with the Gaming Industry Part 2


I actually held this back because I didn't think I should post this. So, if you agree or disagree, thats fine. I also know that some of this is slowly not becoming an issue, though it's still quite prevalent.


When I say, Shovel-Ware, I mean crap games from the 80's, RPG Maker games that have little right to be sold let alone be on Steam, games that don't deserve a place on Steam, (hidden object games, games that are more art pieces than game are prime examples.) and games so old they no longer work but recently are being sold on Steam.

Long sentence structure, I do apologize, still, the fact remains that there are thousands of these titles clogging up Steam. Though, I will admit, SOME of these games are good, Sometimes Always Monsters, Starbound (Which I was surprised with), Gary's Mod, to name a few were very fun. I'm going after all the others that make up the majority of crap we're seeing on Steam right now though.


There are a mere handful of titles that I would consider buying, most, I wouldn't give the time of day. Why? It's because most of these titles are bland, look and play the same and there are far better titles I can download for free on RMN right now. (http://rpgmaker.net/) You can find five good titles faster than you could buy one right now at RMN. I'm not advertising that site, I just need to post it to prove my point. Free is free and these people have more passion for their work and are far more creative than the dreg we're seeing on Steam. Knowledge is power people, let's use it for once.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't sell your work, but unless you have full rights to use the music, and art assets, don't bother, just don't. Even then, don't sell your work if your a novice. It'll look the same as everyone else's project, it won't stand out, it won't sell. VX in particular has graphical issues in that all the projects look the same, no matter how well your skills are.

Titles that don't fit

Take a look on the new releases right now, Trainy Town, Mountain, Dance Wall Remix, Tranz Trouble, ect. COME ON, this isn't Desura, we expect some amount of quality control when it comes to titles being released to Steam. These games just don't fit well with what was normally submitted to Steam. I'm sure some of these are okay, I list Mountain because it's not really a game, there isn't an objective that I can perceive. (And don't give me that crap about me not understanding that game, TELL ME WHY IT"S A GAME! WHAT OBJECTIVE IS THERE!?)

These titles fit desura, or a mobile platform, maybe Steam is trying to sell more mobile games, thats fine, but don't shove it in new releases then, put it in a special area where it doesn't clog up the New Release section.

Titles released from the 80's 90's 00's ect.

These titles have the audacity of being released in the new release section. The whole point of the New Release Section on Steam is that it's for NEW RELEASES! Not for titles that have been drug up from the darkest pits of abandoned ware only to see the light of day once again on Steam.

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