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Video Games No Longer Help Me

Struggling to write.

This is what I came up with.


My best memories are from video games,
The purest form of laughter and merriment,
Playing GoldenEye and Perfect Dark,
For hours on end with a select few pals.

The realization that Final Fantasy 7,
Would continue past that last stretch of highway,
The story of a troubled youth finding his path,
Redemption achieved in the light of disc number 4.

World of WarCraft was cloud nine,
In the midst of increasing personal strife,
Raiding with partners from all walks of life,
Finding the right people felt divine.

No more happiness to be found,
Even my most intimate memories have thorns,
It's all mixed up with adventures in escapism,
Mind is strained to no bound.

Video games no longer provide any joy
As my life continues to spiral down.
Mistakes were made while I gamed away,
So when a title boots up now,

The only friends that greet me are,


Hiding from the world,
Waiting for it to come crashing into me.

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