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STOP. Stop the hate. Gaming needs a serious reset.

How did we get here guys? I mean really. Has everyone become a hateful prick hell-bent on stopping other people from having fun? How has it come to this? Where did we go wrong? What is happening? WHY is it happening?

I admit, I don't come here from the perspective of some enlightened person who comes to tell everyone what they should or shouldn't do. You know what my perspetcive is? I'm an avid gamer. I've been gaming since I can remember. Games have been there every time for me when no one else would. This is why I will love videogames until the day I die. I am also someone who loves humanity. Yes, we have a muddied history of doing shitty things: doesn't matter if you are white caucasian, white latino, black, asian, American, English, Russian, French, Chinese or any other race or nationality we can think of. All of our ancestors have done something shitty in some way or another. But even so, over the centuries, we have shown a capacity to grow, evolve and become better. This is why I love humanity.

So, who am I? I will tell you off the bat: I'm not the best person to ever walk the face of the Earth. I'm also not the worst person to walk it, so I guess I've got that going for me. I am a human being, just like any one of you who might be reading this. I've made my share of horrible mistakes and I've tried to be the best person I could every time I was allowed to. I'm not gonna parade myself as a paragon of anything, but I will say one thing off the bat: I am a gamer and I love videogames.

This week, more specifically today, I've read and read up and tried to understand why us gamers have stopped being the outcasts who were looked down upon by everyone, into becoming hateful monsters out to kill each other for what they believe in. I can't. Understand, I mean. It doesn't make sense to me. Why? Why are you all trying to kill each other? Can't we just all love the medium we are a part of?

It all used to be so simple. Developers made games, we enjoyed those that catered to us. We supported those games and sent letters to the developers most dear to us to show them our support for their work. Nowadays it's like everyone is in it for their own agenda and pushing their beliefs onto others without any respect for what other people think or feel. We are eating each other and bringing fans and devs alike into this sad, sad spectacle. We insult each other and wish the most horrendous things onto each other. Why? Because someone disagrees? Because someone has the gall to think differently than you do? Because they don't stand for the same values as you do? Is it really worth all the drama and shit-flinging?

Of course, this doesn't deny there are many issues to be tackled within videogames AS A MEDIUM still. Of course there are. We are a young medium that is still evolving and has, in my opinion, prematurely hit the mainstream without being ready for the responsibility and maturity it really deserves. Instead of naturally evolving, we have one side trying to force us to evolve to their standards of what is right, and the other violently reacting against it, and now all they can do is tear at each other, while the games, THE HEART OF OUR INDUSTRY, are suffering in the midst of it. Do you guys see what you are doing? All of you.

Can we stop being such assholes to each other? Can we unite for the sake of the videogames? Can we just love the games that cater to us, and push forward for creativity, evolution and all those things?

Gaming is my life. I'll admit. Maybe way too much. But that's because gaming taught me my values: friendship, love, respect, that right and wrong aren't necessarily as black and white as sometimes we think. But not only that, it taught me many valuable lessons: sacrifice, hard work and unity all are things I got as positive from that. And on top of all that, gaming also taught me things from fields of knowledge that I might have not pursued on my own: history, psychology, philosophy, among so many others. Gaming also helped me meet many friends over the years, people that I stuck with for certain periods of my life, that even if they aren't with me anymore right now, I still consider them important pillars of my evolution as a person and that because of that, I will never forget.

So what does gaming mean to me? As I said above, gaming means many things to me. It is a very big and important part of my life. It is like the sibling I never had and taught me everything I needed to know about life to be prepared for when stuff got real. It pains me to see what my older brother and the people that surround him have become, when I used to look up to them.

Guys, please stop. Please stop the hate. Stop trying to murder each other. It's enough. We are all gamers. Can't we all just love videogames? Can't we just focus on the good and constructively work to better the bad? This goes for everyone: gamers, journalists and developers. Stop the hate. It's enough. Flinging shit and hate and bile at each other just because you disagree with each others' point of view is ridiculous. We are all better than this. Stop this now before it escalates out of control. Please stop the hate.

I really have nothing else to say. Just, stop the hate.
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