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I've been Huge for almost a year now


So we are closing in on the one year anniversary of Huge.† Itís been a controversial year since the original announcement to be sure.† There have been some interestingresponses about the†direction Dtoid is†heading.

So for those who have opted in, do you feel like it was a worthwhile investment?† What dream features or additions would you like to see added? (Answer: new cblog editor)

I personally donít think Iíll subscribe for another year.† If this had been an option say 2-3 years ago, it would be less of an issue just based on my feelings toward the site at that time.† Plus, it is hard to feel like Iím getting value when you put Huge next to a semi-comparable Giant Bomb donor program.† Just one old timers opinion.† Feel free to chime in below or join the conversation in the forums.
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