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PSA: PS2 Atlus games discounted on PSN


Ladies, gentlemen, mysterious unidentified creatures of Dtoid, lend me your rears!. It has come to my attention that a good portion of you enjoy Atlus-made vidja-gaimus and that a lot of you also posses a PS3, well, today you are in luck.

 If you have the exorbitant amount of 50 bucks (you filthy capitalist pigs!) you can help yourselves to 8 great Atlus PS2 classics (Persona 3 and Odin Sphere don't appear in the image). Sure, most don't have that much of a discount ($2) but for the frugal gamers among you both Devil Summoner games are 4 bucks a piece and should be a no brainer.

What? you live outside the US? no problemo, just follow the instructions in this guide (courtesy of the Dtoider formerly known as Caimdark, now Caimdark Reloaded BTW) to solve that little issue.

OK, seriously, what is wrong with you? why are you still reading this when the opening image and blog title had all you need to know? GTFO and get those games before the deal expires. Go on, get off my lawn you damn kids!.
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