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I love Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed I†is my favorite game in the series. There, I said it. Before you leave in horror, I agree, it isn't the best game in the series. That honor likely goes to†II†or†Brotherhood, but nonetheless, for me,†Assassin's Creed†is my favorite. It has an undeniable charm that, in my mind,†II†or†Brotherhood†didn't recreate.

Sure, later games tweaked, fine-tuned and altogether polished the gameplay and structure of the game, but in the process it lost the mystery and inherent freshness that the first entry in a series brings.

Nonetheless, this game is terribly flawed. It fails to execute on so many ideas, ideas that were half-baked, ideas that were fleshed out, improved and made altogether more enjoyable in the gameís sequels. Yet I still canít help but have a sweet spot for†Assassinís Creed, the game where it all started.†Assassin's Creed II†is perhaps the purest and most complete incarnation of the franchise, but thereís something intangible about the first game that I canít truly put to words, something that wins me over. This was the first next-gen game I played, and Iíll always have a place in my heart for those great moments, those great memories.
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