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Daily Easter Egg #6: The Meaning of Ooccoo's Strange Name


Ooccoo and her nightmare fuel son, Ooccoo Jr. from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

This pair may look frightening, but they're actually super useful (but seriously, are those claw nipples?!). In Twilight Princess, they can be used to warp in and out of dungeons/temples, allowing the player to resume where they left off if they need to leave in order to buy yet another wooden shield after theirs got burnt in the Goron Mine for the 1000th time or to get whatever else they may need. Their strange names might make a little more sense after one learns that they're actually color values! It used to be thought that 00CC00 was the hexadecimal color value for Link's tunic in the original Legend of Zelda, but it turns out that 00CC00 is the color value for his tunic in Ocarina of Time's concept art. The latter makes more sense considering Twilight Princess is greatly influenced by Ocarina of Time.

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