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Wii U Storage Solutions

Hey there, champ, hows it going? �Are you enjoying that fresh Wii U? �Have it all loaded up with games and their save files, got your free promotional game from Club Nintendo annual rewards and from the Mario Kart promotion? �You aren't, you say? �Because you purchased the basic Wii U mode?


Its alright - we all make mistakes. �But I�m here to tell you that it is more than possible to fix those mistakes, without paying out the nose for it!

Every "x" is a game defeated

Instead, you can solve the problem much cheaper, with greater versatility. �You just need an HDD Docking station�and a SATA HDD (hard disc drive...not High Definition squared). �Obviously, those two links are suggestions, but for the love of all things techy, do not gloss over what kind of dock you buy and what kind of hard drive you buy. �Notice how I said SATA above? �Yeah, first time around, I bought one that used a Molex connection, or something equally as stupid. �This is pretty easy, because you just have to make sure both say SATA somewhere. �Waiting on a good deal, getting a refurb, you should be able to get at least 160 GB of storage for about 40 dollars, give or take shipping and handling. �Plus, you can now dick around with your new docking bay! �Yay!

From here, the battle is almost won! �You just have to plug in the drive to the bay, and the bay to the console, then format it. �So on the front of the Wii U, there is a handy dandy access port flap. �Behind that flap are two USB plugs and an SD card slot, so it seems pretty logical to plug in your data next to the data slot, yeah? �Nah, you can�t use those USB ports. �Won�t recognize it, because Nintendo. �Instead, plug that sucker in the backside. �Then, fire up the Wii U, and go to the settings. �Under data management is an option to move data or format a drive. �Format the drive, and you are good to go! �Finally you can enjoy your Wii U!

Or, if you were around in the days of the Basic Model, you could have just need been a cheap ass and gotten more memory that way. �But where�s the fun in that?
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