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Beginning of the End of Beginnings ?

So welcome to the mind of Me ... Venasaur ... yeah i spell my name wrong i have to hide from Ash you see plus i didn't even get my own Game! Red and Blue no Green pfft! Anyways welcome to the beginning of my rant aggressive or passive reviews and blogs of games depending how charged my Solarbeam is.

My background is i studied game design for 2 1/2 years and earned A Levels but my personal experience ... play from the Sega Saturn to the Xbox one current with PC in there (master race hoorah).

So i will be releasing daily blogs of games, industry changes, rants and most importantly what you guys the followers or other bloggers want me to talk about im up for it, you want my opinion CoD, Sony, New Steam box leave the comment ill take the top 2 and write about them.

So lets grab our bacon and go on an adventure together and collect all the Poke-... Sorry getting to into character, lets have great time and create a great small community of gamers.

Vena Checkin' Out´┐Ż

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About Venasaurone of us since 9:07 AM on 06.18.2014

Okay lets put it down to the basics, im a gamer, im a engineer, and i can be harsh about games ... at times. But its what and who I am and hope you enjoy my blog and reviews ;)

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