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Another Look at NBA 2K14

Ah, thereís nothing like a good competition. The love of competition is evident everywhere. Itís one of the reasons multiplayer games are so popular. Itís one of the reasons team sports are so popular. And itís one of the reasons why, whether you play alone against the computer or against other people, sports video games have firmly cemented themselves in the market. The NBA 2K series is one of the biggest. Yearly basketball games continue to sell in huge numbers, so it was probably a good decision for NBA 2K14 to release as a launch title for the PS4 and Xbox One in November 2013, even if it had already been out since October for the PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as the PC.

It was a quite a success, except for the iOS version, which youíll notice we didnít even list among the systems above. That aside, most people enjoyed the additions made since the previous entry in the series. Some feel it didnít use the full potential of the new consoles, but it was designed with the older consoles in mindówe canít expect every game to blast through with never-before-seen graphics to blow our minds immediately. And really, if it was fun on the old consoles, it should be fun on the new consoles. The reviews stand as testament to the fact that at least a majority of people feel this way.

So, now that weíve gotten that out of the way, are you ready to lead your team to victory?

Thatís what you want to do, after all. No one is going to turn on a basketball game and hope to lose. You need to sit down and understand the players you have on your team. Get some elite players and study their signature skills. Study the strengths, weaknesses, and skills of the players on your opponentsí teams. Fire up myNBA2K14 if you have a device capable of running the app, and use it to gain every advantage. Earn Virtual Currency. Prepare your strategy. Then get in there and go for the kill!

Or defend your basket, if youíve opted for a defensive strategy rather than an offensive one.

Whatever you decide, you can always use NBA 2K14 cheats to keep your game in top form. Master the ďpick and rollĒ and learn how to avoid being accused of goal tending. Read about those signature skills. Access strategies, tips on how to steal the ball, and hints for myNBA2K14. Other little tricks will make sure you always have an edge. Even if you prefer not to take advantage of these sorts of cheats, you should definitely keep your eyes open for the cheat codes regularly released for the game. They expire over time, but as long as you snatch them up early on, you can enter these ďLocker CodesĒ to get Virtual Currency, limited time players, new clothes and dunk packages, and more. Donít waste a minuteógo out there and see what you can find.

And now, with all of this information at your disposal, itís time to lead your team to victory!
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