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Top 5 impossible E3 games.

E3 is just days away and the game announcements have been rolling by. Games include Far Cry 3, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Persona Q, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and more are expected to be at E3 this year. And while all those games seems like it's going to be sure fire hits, what about games that I would love to see at E3 that seems impossible?�

I am not talking about games that we know is coming, but know little about like Persona 5 or Kingdom Hearts III. Games like The Last Guardian and Half Life 3 will not be on the list also because we know they are coming, maybe, most likely coming. For now, it is too soon to tell if they will make an appearance. I would love to see these games being made, but I know that they will not be made unless developers know we want them.


In its final few years, the PlayStation came out with Dino Crisis. Dino Crisis was a game created by Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Resident Evil franchise. Dino Crisis was a big hit when it was released back in 1999, so much so that it spawned two sequels. Dino Crisis 2 took what Dino Crisis had, but made it more action packed. Personally, the movement the characters had in Dino Crisis was too slow for a game like that. It might have worked better with zombies, but when you put fast moving dinosaurs in the mix, you would need to move fast. Then there was Dino Crisis 3 from 2003 for the Xbox. The game was set in space and it did not have real dinosaurs, but mutated lizards. The game was so bad that it killed the franchise. Two years later Mikami would release Resident Evil 4 and changed the way third person shooters are played. The over the shoulder camera Resident Evil 4 introduced would have been perfect for a Dino Crisis game. You can move quicker, your aim was better, and its close up camera would keep the tension going. I would love to see Dino Crisis come back in a big way.


Naughty Dog has gone on the record to say that they are in the very early stages of making a new IP for the PlayStation 4, but the chances of releasing information about the game is near impossible. Naughty Dog has a good track record of keeping things close to the chest until they are ready to show off the new game. In the past, Naughty Dog had Crash Bandicoot for the original PlayStation, Jak and Daxter for the PlayStation 2, and the Uncharted series for the PlayStation 3. When The Last of Us came out last year for the PlayStation 3, it broke the mold of what they used to do when there was a new console. Uncharted 4 is expected to be shown off this year at E3, and there are talks of a The Last of Us 2 being announced. Considering their track record, I have no doubt that those games will be less than amazing, but something new from Naughty Dog would shake E3. I do not expect that to happen. There have been rumors of a Jak 4 game, but the chance of seeing a new Jak and Daxter game, if it is happening, will not be revealed until next E3.


As Remedy works on their new IP for Xbox One, Quantum Break, I hope there is a small group of artists working on a sequel to one of my most favorite games of the last generation, Alan Wake. While it would make sense for Remedy to focus primarily on Quantum Break, just something about Alan Wake 2 would make me happy. The thing about Remedy this year for E3 is that they had recently said that Quantum break would not be shown at this year's E3; instead, they are going to show off more about Quantum Break at Gamescom this August. Remedy may not put out many games, but the games they have released have all been fantastic. Max Payne to Alane Wake, Remedy is one of my favorite developers right now. I am looking forward to Quantum Break, but an Alan Wake 2 would make me ecstatic.


WayForward had made the great DuckTales: Re-mastered last year, and I hope they do the same with the Darkwing Duck game. I did try not to put a possible Darkwing Duck game in here because it seems so easy for me to pick a Darkwing Duck game. I just want a Darkwing Duck game, and WayForward seems to be the one to create one. If they put all the effort to a Darkwing Duck game like the one they did with DuckTales, then I would happy. Great animation movement, new puzzles, a bigger story, and if at all possible the original cast would return. Having Jim Cummings returning as Darkwing Duck and Negaduck would have sold me on the game alone. A new Darkwing Duck game would definitely be a highlight of the show for me.


What better way to have a good 24 game than having Rockstar making one. I thought the old 24 game for the PlayStation 2 was OK, but I knew that given to the right developers, they could do something special. Rockstar seems that they can do something special with 24. Rockstar has been known to get Grade A talent for their Grand Theft Auto games like Michael Madsen, Ray Liotta, and James Woods. It would be easy for them to use the cast of 24, like Keifer Sutherland, to come back to play their respective roles. They can either create a non-canon story or have a story based before the events of Season One. The only time Jack Bauer worked for CTU between seasons was between Day 2 and Day 3, and that was covered in the 24: The Game for the PlayStation 2. I would like to see a non-canon story written by Rockstar. The game can be set in real time just like the show and you would have 24 hours, in real world time, to stop terrorist threats.

Those are five games where I would love to see at E3, but I know that is not possible. E3 is going to be an exciting time this year as the new consoles have been released and the new games are coming in. If 2007 has shown us, 2015 will be an absolute monster when it comes to the new games. Early 2015 alone make this Year of the Next Generation of gaming.
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