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I'm (probably) Not Going to Follow You, and That's OK

I recently quadrupled my twitter followers, a revelation made less startling if I admit that I had only six followers to begin with. My process was simple: put out positivity, searching for and commenting on posts that I felt I could contribute to.

My naive undertaking was surprisingly fruitful and I was adding four or five people a day. What's unsettling is the amount of people who would unfollow me just as fast as they added me the day before.  The quid-pro-quo nature of the twitterverse was starkly staring me in the face, and I was just left perplexed.

I became obsessed with identifying these callous individuals whose only love in life was to follow and be followed in return. They were easy to identify. They're usually following 500-1000 people and have a nearly identical number of followers. If you dig further into who they're actually following, it's most often a mirror image of themselves, another follow-back cutthroat surrounded by their own ilk.

I imagined what it must be like. How could you carefully compose your daily musings, knowing that you have a 1 in a 1000 shot that your followers will see what you've posted as they sift through a growing sea of mutually gregarious and equally invisible creators, each shouting with greater desperation into an ether of disinterest and self-aggrandizement. 

That kind of twitter experience, where you only follow the people who follow you back is a hell I can't even fathom much less enter in to. The functionality of my twitter feed rapidly depreciates after the 50 following mark when I become unable to tolerably control the content of my feed. Anything past that is a nonfunctional frenzy of indigestible ramblings, as disjointed as they are trite and uninformative.

The solution is simple. Don't follow anyone if you're not interested in their content! A follow-for-follow mentality only dilutes the social media you're contributing to and compromises any functionality you might have otherwise gained from the service. You're hurting yourself and the person you're arbitrarily reinforcing by inundating yourself with unedited and irrelevant messages.

So take a stand for quality content on the internet and use your follows carefully! What you consume will ultimately define who you are, don't let your future be determined by attention-seeking tactics that only diffuse and disservice the individuals involved.
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