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Just started Path of Exile.... and enjoying it

I wasn't �too keen on playing Path of Exile because I am not a big fan of MMO action RPG's. But I heard a lot of positive things about the game from a lot of people and friends, so I thought of just giving the game a try, and boy did this game actually surprise me.

I got instantly hooked to game and the next thing I know 3 hours have already passed by playing it. The games approach was quite different to other MMO RPG games on pc, its atmosphere was quite dark similar to the Diablo series, level designs were interesting and immersive, the graphics for a free to play game was just absolutely stunning and the shadow affects in game are very impressive and it really shows it off when you are in closed sections like the caves or crypts. The enemy roster in game is also quite massive, every stage has their own unique enemies that make exploring the levels more interesting. But what makes this game completely unique from others of its genre, is the skill tree. This game has one massive I mean a really massive skill tree, that allows you to create countless classes of players with unique traits. In game I chose the Marauder so I focused mine to be a tank with massive strength and health, but with the skill tree you are free to make him a mage. Therefore, every players character in game will not be similar to yours and this system allows you to personalize the character according to your play style. �

So far the game has captivated me with its level design, enemies and the skill tree, but it was the game play that got me really hooked on to it. It was very similar to games like Diablo, especially Diablo 2 and throughout the game it is quite evident that a lot of influence was taken from these games. So while playing thorough this game, it felt like I was playing through Diablo 2 but in Wraeclast, which is a definite plus cause Diablo 2 was the only action RPG game on PC I truly enjoyed.
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