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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds review - Painting present from Past


The soundtrack is a gathering of many favorites from A Link to the Past (plus other Zelda titles) and worthy original tracks that compliment characters and scenarios well. From the Vader-esque intensity of �Death Mountain� to the soothing acoustics of �Kakariko Village,� Composer Ryo Nagamatsu certainly demonstrates his competence at rearranging many of Kondo�s classics in updated fashion. There are even a few diegetic performances of recognizable songs included solely to please fans (priced at 10 rupees each at the Milk Bar). Aside from new renditions of old melodies, the collection of original tracks impress as memorable character themes and atmospheric dungeon tunes (the main Lorule dungeons surprisingly feature the same motif).

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds supplies both the familiar and the fresh to its generational audiences, acting as a link between generations by nature. To some, it may leave a �what�s old is new again� impression, while for others it may be the most novel entry the series has seen in a decade. For me, the enjoyment stemmed, like usual, from the core level design and its many subtle touches. Videogames rarely reach the ingenuity that Nintendo employs with their Zelda franchise, gimmicks and nostalgia notwithstanding. While portions of the adventure can be disappointingly easy (a few bosses are pushovers), the only subject being handheld throughout the journey is the 3DS. It�s a welcome change of direction that will hopefully stay with the series beyond the inevitable structural and graphical alterations. With fantastic, streamlined gameplay still at the heart of this newest Zelda installment, A Link Between Worlds may well be remembered for its finely balanced representation of the franchise�s past, present, and possibly future.
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