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PRINTOID - Final Prints, T-shirts and A Crappy Giveaway!


New to Printoid?

Hey fellas!  Just thought I should check in considering recent events.  As you may have seen on Farts 'N Crafts a few weeks ago, and in the header image above I suppose, I finished the prints!  Right now I have about 14 good ones, with a few I don't feel comfortable selling due to some minor flaws.  I plan on making more, but that requires me to not be lazy so we'll see how that goes.  Right now I'm still just waiting for the Dtoid charity event to happen.  Until then, how about a fancy t-shirt?

Again, as you may have heard Niero, Grimecraft and crew were impressed enough with the image that they decided to put it on a t-shirt!  If you were waiting on a print, might I suggest these fancy duds?  Each t-shirt comes with a lifetime supply of free hugs when you wear it in my presence at conventions!  But you need to hurry!  You only have until Thursday at 11 PM PST to order one!

But wait!  THERE'S MORE!  Do you want a print now?  Are you okay with slight imperfections?  I'll give one of my flawed prints away to a random person who comments in the specified comment thread below.  And if you want to be awesome, maybe, you know, tweet a link to the shirt?  Throw in a #printoid perhaps?  That would be great.  Thanks!
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