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I give you the greatest video game movie EVAR.


The time has come that we have found the Citizen Kane of video game movies and it is from the small archipelago in southeast Asia, The Philippines (You know, where the bad monster is from in the new Godzilla movie).

That movie is called DOTA: Nakakabaliw (loosely translates to "Can make you crazy") and going by the trailer, it is about a teenaged boy who gets hooked on DOTA and strays from the path of being a good kid which involves him in poorly scripted fight scenes that make the 1960's Batman TV show look like an MMA fight.

The teen then goes insane judging from how they attempted to make him look like what they think a messy looking homeless person looks like without making him too ugly. Then his friends and family find him and it is revealed that the entire movie is basically an after school special about the dangers of being in a bad independent student film.

Did I mention that the OFFICIAL poster is amazing:

This poster was up alongside Hollywood movies at actual movie theaters.
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