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The day I got real fired...part V My 'Pretend' Job

Hey all! I had to take a hiatus this weekend for Mother's Day and for a Finals essay. But I will be finishing off this series today, Wednesday and Thursday...

When HUGE became a integrated part of the site, I was happy that editors could be more directly supported by the community.

It was also at this time that I struggled with what direction I wanted to go with Destructoid. A part of me would have loved to be a full time writer and news editor, but considering I had so many other obligations with work, school and family � I didn�t have the kind of time needed to be a full contributor. So for a long time, I floated. I wrote stories when I could and didn�t commit to certain stories when it just wasn�t going to happen. I thought this would be fine, though I felt terrible every time I didn�t get stories written. As I mentioned, this happened with the big indie game events. Some really great games got later coverage because I just simply dropped the ball.

On that note, I have only the utmost respect for the editors currently working at Destructoid, especially those who have been around for such a long time � Dale North is Corgi-tastic and exudes charisma in person without even trying, Jordan Devore has made so many of my articles not sound like the blabbering words of a mindless idiot and I can�t thank him enough for it, Chris Carter is a goddamned machine, Steven Hansen is a super-powered jack of all trades (and master of puns), Hamza might bite legs off, and so on and so forth. They are all incredibly hard-working individuals.

I will probably continue to write here on this community blog from time to time. I still love writing just as I love video gaming. In fact, I already have an opinionated blog in mind comparing and contrasting Trials Fusion with Trials Frontier. Look out for it after I�m done with my 'confessional.'

(Stay tuned for next two installments: Recounting some of the more awesome experiences I�ve had working for Destructoid � and following that will be some of the lower points�)
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