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Top 10 Worst Mothers from Games & Film

It�s Mother�s Day! That one time of year where we go out of our way to thank our mothers (and the mother�s of our children for that matter) for putting up with our shit all these years. All the grey hairs and grief caused by years of mischief are postponed for a day, where moms everywhere can expect a few more hours of sleep, maybe breakfast in bed, and a bouquet of flowers. What better way to celebrate moms everywhere than a list of the worst moms from games and movies?

Yes, I�m including sci-fi and horror movies in my list, because lists of mothers in games have been done before, and I feel that movies and games go hand in hand with this list. Go ahead and give me shit for it for all I care.

10. Alien Queen (Aliens)

Faye Dunaway�s portrayal of Crawford is purely terrifying. I had nightmares of this movie for years. Joan Crawford, was such a horrible nasty woman and apparently had zero motherly instincts. All this came out after her adopted daughter wrote about her hell growing up in her memoir.

What was really bad, was that when my sister and I were kids, and we were being punished by our mother for being brats, we would call her Mommie Dearest, like poor little Christina Crawford from the movie. We were horrible kids. Sorry mom� and Happy Mother's Day!
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