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10 reasons why Elsa is always right...


1.  If you're a male, you're wrong.  One thing I've learned from gaming media in recent years is that being a woman makes me always right.  Apparently I lack "privilege" even though I'm a middle class white woman with a nice house, a loving husband and a great career in the Human Resources field (which I have since retired from).  By virtue of my gender alone, I am always going to be more right than any poor unemployed male with social etiquette problems playing too many video games in his mama's basement.  When males play video games it's to maintain the sexist stereotype of the privileged male gamer, but when I play those same video games I am fighting for the rights of all women on the planet to be treated as equals in male dominated spaces and I must be a brave feminist to be swimming in this patriarchal sea of rape threats, misogyny, and silencing.  Even my EPIC comments are right because a woman said them.  If a man says the same thing... he's wrong.  Thank you Anita for making me always right.  I used to be just a gamer and people could tell me I was wrong, but now if they disagree with me it's obviously because they're just misogynistic assholes trying to silence me.

2.  I'm also always right because I'm old.  I'm 52 years old and have played video games since they were invented.  Yup, I played PONG, and Zork, and Asteroids when they were brand new... so I can counter anything thing you say about video games with my age because I was playing video games before you were out of your stinky diapers.  I'm actually just "middle aged" but in the gaming world I can be that wizened Elder who has seen it all, done it all and therefore must have the wisdom and life experience to be right... and if you try to tell me that I'm wrong, well obviously it's ageism... and you're just an asshole who doesn't respect their elders... now get off my lawn!.

3.  I have no children - so I'm always right.  We've always had pets and at one time we had 3 dogs and 5 cats.  Most lived long and happy lives before leaving us and we are currently down to two male cats.  They're all fixed, so no one runs out and gets pregnant, none of them dyes their hair purple... the only tattoos they have are the ID tattoos I picked out for them... and I'm always right.  You don't want to go outside because it's pissing rain.  Cat puts nose through open door, then turns around and goes back to bed.  Told you so!  Unfortunately I recently said to my 17 year old kitty that she looked ill and it seemed like the same kidney disease that took several of our other kitties in their old age.  We went to the vet and damn... sometimes always being right sucks!  We lost her last week and I still miss her. :(

4.  I have a pre-cancerous condition that requires surgery every year or two to keep it in check, and I'm due for another surgery, which means GAMING TIME! ... and I'm also in the throes of menopause.  I get hot flashes that come and go at inconvenient times like when shopping at Walmart or they wake me up most mornings at around 3am.  I haven't had 7 hours sleep in a row in several weeks now.  Does this count as a handicap?  If so, I can add handicapped to my non-privilegisms of being female and being old... and if you try to tell me that hot flashes and menopause don't count as a handicap then my hormonal imbalances will overcome me, I'll turn green, rip my shirt off and stuff your head up your asshole and make you a new enemy type that I can slaughter with my big sword in the WRPG games I love playing so much.... we shall call you a  "Butthead"...  and needless to say, headshots won't count so I'll have to aim lower... for maximum damage!  Essentially, you will agree that I'm right or suffer the consequences... and menopause makes me much nastier than PMS ever did!  However, I always try to look on the bright side ...

5.  I love statistics.  I love using statistics and studies to support my "always being right" stance, and I hate it when people incorrectly use statistics against me.  Yes, women do make up almost 50% of gamers when we start counting Facebook games, social games,  iOS games and  Wii/DS games.... but dammit, I'm still a precious minority on the Xbox and Playstation platforms... the ones that count!  It's with Xbox/Playstation games where I am a minority that we need more female protagonists, more games about pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, more women with hairy legs and other feminist issues!  Games shouldn't be made for or marketed only to men... because STATISTICALLY almost 50% of gamers are women...  and we don't really need to examine those statistics too closely! Hell, look at those social games where women are a majority... there's tons of great female protagonists and hairy legs and other femaleness representing our gender... isn't there?

6.  I game way too much!  I'm retired from the workforce and it's not at all unusual for me to start playing a game at 10am only to finish gaming around 10pm.  Yes, I take a break and cook dinner or do laundry or do other of those mindless chores that must be done... but the game is still on and running and waiting for me while the water comes to a boil. In the last month or two I've played and finished Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, South Park the Stick of Truth, Dead Island Riptide and I'm almost finished The Witcher 2 (with a little Warhawk thrown in to get my multiplayer fix).  If I've played the game, I'll have an opinion on it... and of course my opinion is always right! :(
(like I don't get why the "almost rape scene" in Tomb Raider was a big deal in gaming press... but I didn't see much press or requests for Trigger Warnings on the actual aftermath of seeing a traumatized Keith as a rape victim of Buck in Far Cry 3.  As I keep saying, gaming may have simply skipped past feminism and is showing that gender doesn't matter... violence is violence.)

7.  I was a nerd before being a nerd was cool (hey, being a nerd is cool again isnt' it?).  I was one of the first of my friends to own a home PC (a Tandy!), I played video games before there was video in the video games... and I love sci fi.  I've always read Sci Fi/Fantasy books (Heinlein, Anthony, Donaldson, Asimov, Pournelle, etc) and I've always watched Sci Fi TV shows (Star Treks, Battlestar Gallacticas, Buck Rogers, Space above and beyond, Quantum Leap, Torchwood, etc.).  Because I am always right, the best Sci Fi TV series were Stargate, Firefly and Babylon 5 (and as a side point of interest, all three series also had incredibly wonderful female characters).  There's no sense arguing with me... I'm old, female, menopausal and retired and I can write 5000 word comments to intimidate you into agreeing with me! :)

8.  I've been made a moderator on every site I've been active on.  This could be because I'm always right... or it could be simply my addictive personality that ensures I'm usually incredibly active on any web site I take a liking to!  I actually feel kinda bad about being a current moderator on Destructoid because for the past 7 months or so I've been sidetracked by a legal matter that has become incredibly expensive, emotional and time consuming.  Still, it's now mostly in the hands of our lawyer so I'll be able to spend a little more time here.  Even when I'm busy with other stuff, I always read most of the c-blogs and do try to ensure I'm doing some of my "moderator" duties.  Oh, and I've never been paid to be a moderator on any site, though I've moderated a Sony site, Monster.ca, and other big names (and this is why I fear MMO's... the addiction!).

9.  I like to write... mostly about how right I am.  Recently I've been writing a lot of boring legal letters and drafts, but I'm getting the itch to get blogging on Dtoid again.  A lot of my recent stuff has had a perspective on feminism... something that has affected my life as a gamer and something I feel strongly about.... and am of course always right about.  Still, I know it's a contentious and somewhat boring topic, so I hope to get my mind out of the feminist stream and get back to being just a plain ole gamer with an opinion on everything... which I am right about and you are of course wrong if you disagree with me.

10.  I'm always right.... until I"m wrong.  If you take the time to speak TO me, rather than AT me... then people will often find that I can change my views, adjust my perspective, or at the very least make the concession that there can be alternate and valid points of view.  Being "always right" does not mean stubbornly sticking to one viewpoint, it means admitting when I'm wrong and changing my views.  I don't see being "always right" as a negative, I see it as a positive in that a person who is always right has the confidence in their views to express them loudly and clearly even if they are not the most popular views... and if that draws intelligent conversation that enlightens, then it's a good thing, particularly if the two views can reach an acceptable compromise - because life is about accepting compromise and there is no right or wrong, only differing perspectives based in personal truths.
Well... except for Anita Sarkeesian who's simply wrong because she doesn't speak from her own personal truth but tries to present her view as the only socially acceptable view, so even if she is right, she'd still be wrong.  Being right or wrong is not black and white... it has to be gray (so yeah, she's not completely wrong... just on that evil side of the black and white siding scale LOL!).

Bonus facts:

*  I've been happily married to the same wonderful guy for over 23 years now and my husband and I each have our own consoles and often play together in online games - not always on the same team
*  I'm double jointed in my hands (I can bend the first joint in my fingers)
*  I tried to put a black temporary rinse in my gray hair last year to get "Sephiroth" dark gray hair just before PAX and ended up with a green tint - ugh... no more hair experimentation!
*  All my pets have been named after cars
*  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and considered going to Law School
*  Blogging and gaming are my primary forms of social interaction now that I've quit the workforce... and I don't mind
*  Mood swings.... if you don't like me today, check back tomorrow.  :)
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