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Looking at Destiny

If you’re reading this, you’re probably either excited for Destiny and in search of new details, or wondering just what this game is all about and why people are so interested in it. Hints about Destiny circulated amongst gamers for a while, but when it was finally revealed, anticipation shot through the roof. Here’s a game being made by Bungie, with a dynamic world, a science fiction setting, and explosive multiplayer FPS action. It’s an online game, so you can play with your friends as if it were an MMO, but supposedly this “shared-world shooter” will bring new concepts and features to the table to make it stand out from other online shooters. We won’t know everything until September 9, when it launches for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, but until then, we can discuss the basic overview of Destiny.

Destiny may be an online multiplayer game, but that doesn’t mean it lacks a campaign. In fact, the campaign may be considered the central feature. And while there is competitive multiplayer, it’s far from the focus. Whether you want to compete with your friends or just enjoy the story without worrying about other players attacking you, you should find what you’re looking for in Destiny. There are many different modes.

As far as the story goes, this is a futuristic game set 700 years from now. Humankind expanded out into space, but then a terrible catastrophe nearly wiped out the entire race. The sacrifice of the Traveler, the orb that hands suspended above Earth’s final city, is the only thing that prevented complete destruction. Now, as humans are threatened by a variety of alien threats, it is up to you to protect the City, fight your enemies, and explore other planets for remnants of that Golden Age of space travel. You are a Guardian, one of a number of powerful soldiers that can use some of the Traveler’s power.

Although one of your goals is protecting humanity, Guardians aren’t necessarily human. You can choose to be human, but maybe you’d prefer to play as the Exo or Awoken species. An Exo is more or less an AI or robot—part of the advanced technology of the Golden Age, but without the memories that drove its actions back then. The Awoken are even more mysterious—blue-skinned beings inspired by mythology, just one of the many things that gives Destiny a fantasy atmosphere despite its sci-fi setting.

Whatever species you choose, however, it won’t affect your gameplay. The actual combat differences between Guardians come down to your class. Any species can pick any of the three classes. If you favor stealth combat and ranged attacks, check out the Hunter. If you prefer to go in with magic to enhance your attacks, give the Warlock a try. And if strength and defense are the traits that match your fighting style the best, then maybe the Titan is the right one for you.

Once you have your Guardian, your adventure will begin. Several planets have been revealed as locations for Destiny, and Bungie caused quite a stir with the announcement that each planet is as big as Halo: Reach. You won’t run out of things to do any time soon, as you explore the galaxy and find new weapons and loot. If you’re having trouble, though, don’t worry—we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see cheat guides that point you in the direction of better loot and more powerful weapons.

Since it is really a blend of different genres, we could see all sorts of Destiny cheats. Maybe some nice hints about abilities and combat tips will come out, to further help you decide which class you want. Upgrades, missions, and more—this game could have cheats normally seen for both shooters and MMOs. While you’re exploring the various planets, we bet there’ll be some great Easter eggs for you to find, too. Maybe Bungie will even reference some of their past games. From cheats to exploration to the gameplay itself, Destiny should be packed to the brim with content.
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